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Watch Symphogear.
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SHHis supremacy

doku sareta mizu de sakasete ROSY ROSY hanazono

Amazing looking 3dmvs.

Amazing rhythm game.

As a thumb player, this game is very fun to play. I can definitely see that learning how to play this game will be difficult, but if you've played bandori or another rhythm game similar to that, it will be easier to adapt to it. For me it took around a day and a half and after that I could play expert. The highest level I can play passing is 13+ and since there's not a lot of songs that are 14+ and 15 I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

The ui is clean and easy to understand without knowing Japanese. The only times that I have to use Google translate are when I'm changing the gamplay settings. The game is very customizable with the settings and you can change the speed of the notes, the hitsounds, and many other things.

The gacha rates are ok but most of the time you won't be getting a 4 star. Most of the 4 stars that I've got are through ticket summons.

I can't say anything about the story because I just skipped it and it's in Japanese. After the en release comes out, which is in spring 2021, I'll read the story and update this review.

One thing I do have complaints about are the 2d models. Most of them look so pale, and Rinku looks like a vampire lol. It's not a very big issue and it's just something I laugh at especially when I see Rinku's 2d model.

Another thing I noticed is that after an event is over, it takes longer to calculate the event rankings than it does in bandori. This isn't really a complaint but just something that you should know if you tier for events.

The daily reset is at 4 A. M. (GMT +9), which is the time in Tokyo, Japan.

Overall an amazing game with amazing art, likeable characters, fun gameplay, and superb cover songs.

BLEACH: Brave Souls


Amazing Bleach game that has fun game modes and great banners.

This is a amazing rythm game that has so many great songs. The covers are very epic and the artwork is also very amazing. This is a great game!!

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