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It's a Jojo game, so of course I'll like it. The art's cute and the gameplay is chill, two things a Jojo game shouldn't be, but it just works. It's also easy to learn how to play, which is great if you can't read Japanese. It's being updated often with new events, characters, and furniture being added.
The leveling system is confusing though, why don't you get exp from playing the game? Why from buying furniture?

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They look so good, glad I've been saving up !
I found this on the subreddit, but it originally comes from the discord!
"Diavolo - The Emperor who Skips Time - arrives!
During the skipped time it's also possible to enter Stand Up!!
Move panels and deal damage depending on the matched panels.

A new event of the highest difficulty where you can get your hands on a luxury furniture starts!!
Diavolo as a Boss reacts to your actions activating skills. Memorize his action pattern.
Clear the event The Requiem Quietly Plays and receive a Special furniture!!

Enjoy the intense final battle of Part 5!!
The emperor, Diavolo, arrives as a Pitter Character... his Skill is extremely powerful!!

That man also arrives!!
Polnareff (Part 5) - The man who knows the true use of the arrow
Erase rows of Panels with Silver Chariots fast swordplay!!

That character gets a new version!?
Th-That shilouette is?!
Don't miss the further news​!!!!

Translator Note: It's Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem" Read Note
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