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cuppy dog city
Zef - Kun 17830039

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cuppy dog city
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very unique concept and I think its a good example of a 4v4 mobile game! amazong graphics and very fun to pick up and play!
however i wish there was more to keep me playing! a story mode or being able to unlock storys for the charaters would do this game great! the creator designs are very fun and i would love to learn more about them and how they know eachother / how this game came to be in universe/ etc and at the moment theres no storys that i have found.
please correct me if I am wrong about there being no story!

World Flipper


instantly hooked as soon as i opened the game! presentation is great as always coming from cygames! very fun even with the laungue barrier and extreamly unique for the genre!
I know this game had a rocky start but im really hoping for global to release sometime i would love to play in english!

a fantastic love live game! the new girls and story are entertaining and fun and the mvs looks great! my only complaint is that team building is very complex and can be hard to get a handle on and at first many come into this expecting it to be more rhythm game focused but actually the team calls this more of a action rpg!
storys are very entertaining and music of course slaps i would recommend for any love live fan! (a good way to get into love live too as it introduces all of the groups so far!)

the mvs for each song look fantastic! the timing of notesis alittle finicky at the time of writing this but using the auto adjust fixes it very well!
i cant read japanese to comment on the story but there seems to be a lot of it!!
iive been looking to get into enstars for awhile now and im glad theres now a game that ii have more fun playing than basic!

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this app is for a interactive music project! you can find all the videos so far on YouTube that have english subs. 
you take the role of Es who will decide if 10 murders get to live or die when the trails start. you get to listen to music and watch movies to help determine your decision. depending on how you pass judgement will determine what is shown to you afterward. 
this app is used for other fans to connect, see special content if your a paid memeber, and to eventually vote on how to judge these murderers. 
while most of the content in this app wont be that intresting for english speakers it does give you the chance to participate in voting.
the questions (in order) that show up when you open the app are "which japanese prefecture do you live in", "what year were you born", and "what is your gender".
voting will take place in the judge tab at the bottom.
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