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Well... Its Konosuba... The overall feel to the games very nice. However the the gameplays rather boring... Basically another Kirara fantasy.
As a fan of the series, I couldn't continue due to gameplay. But will admit the game looks gorgeous.
I imagine sometime way late down in the game, itll probably shine more for gameplay, but the early stages are just so... boring...
Graphics 5/5
Sound 4/5
Gameplay 2/5

Overall could be a great game, but more than likely will only cater to hardcore fans.



18 hours in now, can safely say the games solid.
Brutally punishing if you try to run unbalanced teams.
Only PvP is Live PvP. None of that boring Player Vs Ai.

Graphics are gorgeous, and sounds passable.
Story left N/A due to the fact I can't read korean.

Games easy to pick up and go, but you'll be quickly realizing a full ssr team will likely just be your own demise. unless you happened to pull a balanced team in ssr lol.

Rates are average. (assuming you boosted rates with game gold)
3.5% SSR
15% SR

The amount of free rolls you get is pretty good. The amount you get with your premium currency (earned via story/quests etc) is even more satisfying. Think i've done close to 150 rolls before chapter 3.

Has a nice feature for ranking your units up.
1. You can use Dupes to instantly raise star rank without need of materials
2. You can just use Materials (case your gacha luck sucks) pretty fair amounts used. Nothing too insanely grindy at least.

Arknights | English


Pretty mediocre gameplay, nothing really noteworthy.
Girls are cute, art styles nice, UI is smooth and well designed, but the actual gameplay just ruins the game, for me at least.
I'm sure theres a lot of people that will overhype the hell out of it, but its more or less one of those "Play it and decide if it's for you" type of games.
Storyline I left N/A as it didn't pull me in, so wouldn't be fair to rate that side of the game.

Mahjong Soul | English


Its Mahjong. Its English. Its got cute girls. Sadly dont expect free premium currency for new characters and flashy effects.
Overall its something I waited for on mobile.
Good game if you like Mahjong.

Line Godtamazeiya


being Fair this could be an amazing game... But when you have a small community, no hype, and need 32 players per match... it just piles on AI characters for every missing player.... and... AI are basically as effective as common MOBA minions.
Has a chest Loot system... 2 chests per win, but only 3 slots to hold chests... Again, could be great but sadly held back by so many little things...

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Overall its a very solid game, likely best Live2d ive ever seen. it does need a VPN to get past the title page. but its not really a hard bypass by any means. If you Liked BGHS and bullet hells. youll love this

Assault Ragnarok


... Seen more detail in flash games. outside of the music, its just pure garbage.

ZENONZARD | Japanese


... Easily the Slowest battle system ive ever seen for a card game... battles might not be that long overall but the amount of time it takes to announce whats happening is mind numbing... game systems... Not for me. as much as I live card battles... This ones just too boring.

Solid Game focused around PvP.
Most characters can be obtained via numerous free methods, such as pvp Chests (higher your rank, the more is available) and the resetable shop.
as fair note, gacha has less units in it the lower your rank is, so you wont be running into legend spam in newbie ranks because someone is a wallet warrior.
Nice art, if you like grid based pvp, you will probably enjoy this as there is a high amount of strategy towards deck building, leader choice, and team choice.

Wonder Gravity


Very solid game. as expected from f4. Rates are reasonable, game has some tactical points. Overall cute and enjoyable.

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