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CEO of Furry (ミΦ ﻌ Φミ) Meow!!!~ <3
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CEO of Furry (ミΦ ﻌ Φミ) Meow!!!~ <3
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Best app to search for anime pictures!~ [色色][色色][色色]

FYI, don't forget to remove the R18 limit 😬
You can thank me later~ [厲害]

Among Us


"U R Kinda Sus M8"

The best game to help you understand that you can trust no one.
This game is destroying friendships since day 1

Genshin Impact


Anime Art Style combined with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild.
what can you ask more? 😊
The game is amazing but be aware of the Gatcha Hell 😬
Warring: The game is very addicting [色色]

Firstly, game itself has a decent artwork for every servant, even during combat.
Secondly, gameplay is nice and sometimes even challenging (during some events challenge quests).
Lastly, the storyline is epic and the most important thing!!! you can always skip every cutscenes 😊

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Thank you all for all of your love ❤️❤️❤️
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