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i find it funny my old handphone could download it in playstore as it say available but my new phone i try to download, the google play store say not available iny country.[睡覺][睡覺][為什麼]

Guardian Tales | Korean


classical 2d rpg game , the story remind me of maplestory hero class story , the game itself function quite decent and smooth to play

KOF Chronicle


quite a classical game to kill time though at the start you can reroll as many time as you like to get the Ur character and save gem for new character come out .



i find this game quite classic game as it is tower defence and worth to give it to try to play

the sad part of the game is that i can gacha and play tution only once i go click mission and it force down the game .... hope it can be fix soon

Project Babel


since the game can be play and i play for 1 hour . i find that the gameplay is like final fantasy but the story and graph is good . i find that the game percentage focus on final fantasy style 70% and 30% on another eden . the story they will show like anime style but it look like hand draw kind . the story is fast pace kind.

Some problem faced in game

There is some lag while in story .

when you enter the new map when in chapter 1 it load for me for a while as i waited but it show blank screen so i need to close and reopen the game and try again it as it dont take time and the map will appear .

very good story line, the character design is wonderful remind me of crash fever as the game is fanastic though ,their function is the almost the same as another eden but you need to complete the all chapter 1 to unlock the full function for the charcter so you can level it and evolve them

KOF'98 UM OL | Japanese


i have to admit this game is f2p not p2w game even though it is a old game the gacha rate is balance actully for me quite fair .

Dragon Project | Global


it good game it like monster hunter but for f2p player it decent as it need to farm story mode to get gem

very good they will give you 6*full set and gacha 6* full armour srt which is good for beginner it not p2w game

Super Gundam Royal


enjoy it for the past 7 month it not really a p2p game but it take hour to grind or farm for gem to get character or gundam you want .

Summons Board | Japanese


loke this game

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