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Tokimeki Idol


First, I'm a big fan of the Tokimeki Memorial series, though mostly, the girl side one. I love the TokiMemo series for the guys as well and believe it or not, having played both TokiMemo Girl Side and TokiMemo hits me a really nostalgic feeling seeing Shiori's school uniform as one of their costumes and to also get to play the theme song of the first TokiMemo franchise. Getting to see places that you have seen on both TokiMemo and TokiMemoGS really tugs a big string on my heart. I really love the art, the design, the songs. If you haven't played the TokiMemo franchise, its quite hard to understand some aspects/features in the game that was taken from the original franchise on the PS2 and NDS so all in all, I REEEEEALLLLYY LOVE THE GAME AS A TOKIMEMOGS FAN MYSELF. A must try.

It was a really nice game! I enjoyed it. Idk if i'll be able to get my acct back tho



It doesnt even get past the opening screen.
It wont load anymore after touching the screen [發火][發火][發怒][發怒][發火]


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