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Helios Rising Heroes


The only game that have Gast Adler so it's excellent

A3! | English


I'm in love with A3! and I've been playing it since English release

First of all, A3 is my favourite otome game even though it's not really an otome game. I've played other otome games but quit it because the MC is not me at all and so bland without personality, but A3 MC have a personality! Her name is Izumi, she loves curry and really funny. Ngl she does resembles me at all but I lov her.

Second, the characters and story. The characters is godly. How the story interacts with the character development is just the best and they're not just slapping (event) story on and giving it to us(like some game) but they correlates with the main story as well. So the events is really worth it!

Okay, I already talk about events a bit but event grinding. Grinding isn't that hard at all. I usually grind while doing my homework or drawing. And I'm an F2P player and I reached quite high ranks on event(as long as you diligent it's easy) and usually you'll get around 100 or so gems per event (if you get at least to 20%)

Gems, they're one of the few games that gives us f2p player easy money(lol). The practices gives you quite a lot of gems so it's really easy. And like earlier, the event gives you a lot as well. The main story itself (prologue until episode 4) will give you around 300(?) gems. Add backstage story, practice gems, show and theatre gems, event gems, login (and continuous login) gems, level up gems and you're rich(lol). That's not including if you watch ads, that itself 5 gems per day.

Gameplay, no gameplay, I mean there's cash thingy but,, ehh... If you wait a year there will be 3 more minigames so just wait.

Gacha rates... it's definitely not bad, but I wanna cry everytime I remember I don't have Tsumu Sunny garden...

And last but not least, my favourite chara!!! Of course it's my angel, my demon, my baby, Tsumugi Tsukioka. He's a motherf-in angel and why is he so bright, beautiful, cute yet cool at the same time. I wanna cry when I saw him... His voice, his face, his- goddamn that's creepy. Okay I love Tsumu, but I also love FuyuGumi or Winter Troupe. TasuTsumu, HomaHiso and fuyupoly is canon. I'm sorry...

If you don't know, they have songs and stage play!! My favourite song is Don't cry(of course), minority, and lots of other. And the stage play songs I really recommend Kami Hikoki if you wanna cry (Spoilers btw, it's about Misumi and Madoka brotherly relationship, I cried everytime I listen to it). The stage play actors is really good as well. And of course my favourite is Aramaki Yoshiko-san!! He played Tsumugi and Sasara(Hypmic) and damn I love him.

Why did I write this:) No-one will read it anyway...

I think this game is fine. It's been half a year since release so the game is a bit better. The songs is good, well of course. I don't follow the story, but it's decent. The gacha rate is normal even though it's really hard to get ssr you want, usually you'll get ssr on the 2nd or 3rd pull.

Btw love doppo hifumi and gentaro 🤪

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