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Look I LOVE this game but U KNO THE censorship. Yea I get that its a global ver. and my suggestion is that plss for players like me and many others I'm sure would like uncersored things, I kno that the jp ver. is uncersored but it would be nice if it was in English Plss OTHERWISE ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OUT THERE!

Azur Lane | English


-Loved the game when i downloaded it.
-Deleted it cause of studies
-Got worse Marks cause my waifu was looking at me from far away...felt really sorry
-Realised that this is not just a Game but a man's happiness and dreams come tru
-Redownloded the game today, reunited with my dear waifu and GOT A 10 IN maths So that has never happened before in my life....happiness over 9000 umu
-Moral of the story... never let ur waifu be away from u *sniff be happy and may the devs live on.

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