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Been playing this game from day 2. The server error always been the problem, but by alternating 3-4 profiles in OpenVPN, I rarely have server errors amymore.
The dev keep on putting out new contents every 2 week and then bam new story chapter drop with it.
The gacha doesn't have limited character cards YET, i don't know, you can get every cards (new event gacha included) in the regular gacha, the only difference is the rateup.
I like the character's rank feature, basically getting bonus stats for all that character's cards.
The middle grade upgrading stone is hard to find, it's never enough.
Kazuma's party is actually useful except Darkness; most her cards are the highest stats, decoy skill(that some other characters have), but not being able to hit anything. The game is a realtime turn based with a limited time stage. The strength is needed to end battles quickly, Darkness in your party is like giving up one slot in your party. I love you Darkness, but I can't with this one.



So the connection was alright since I first played it around last week, but now it's disconnecting AFTER I got into the game, so I always got a penalty lost..
Am I the only one?

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1) Error code: -100 means you need to use vpn, there's probability the vpn you used still won't work, lately OpenVPN has been the real mvp
2) There are times when you can't login because the data loading is stuck at some%, usually after a while (hours) you can log back in, still don't understand the cause behind it
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