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GRAN SAGA | Japanese



Gamplay are like your everyday Mobile MMORPG with auto-quest, but yknow what? the dialogue are neatly voiced and the Cinematic are so good for mobile phone, and story isn't half bad too definitely i will stay for awhile just for the story and cinematic

Edit: Need at least Mid-range phone preferably phone like Redmi Note 8 pro or equivalent to play this game without issues, and 6GB of free space

Installing this game again after i remember Maho's birthday is tomorrow lol

CODE:D-Blood | Japanese


the storyline is kinda debateable, too much bishounen it's as if the game are only made for girls/womans, the graphic is overwhelming, theres also tons of feature in the game.. well not much actually, you can still feels the F2P and P2W difference. overall its good, i download this version to run from reality, the storyline are really painful to see [不滿][大哭]

Minus bahasa[大哭]

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