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GOETIAX | Japanese


Aside from what everyone has been saying about the auto battle, beautiful character art, interesting music, Eru's cute voice whenever you touch her in the gacha (That's on me though); it's already a good game for me.
You can farm crystals nicely and pull 10's for a couple of times. There's also a nice freebies for every mission that was completed.

But, the gacha rate is so low that you can't get an SR unit out of every 10 pulls. Like for me I already did 5-8 10x pull and none of them are SR. I have an SR unit because of the missions only, but, as expected, it doesn't feel rewarding (for all of the farming of crystals), even if there's a rate up for SR, SRu, or SSR. That's why, if possible, I want a ticket or anything that can be used to pick your desired unit/s.

I'm already lvl 26 in 4 days because of my excessive farming and I plan to pause for now because of disappointment. If it wasn't for Eru in the gacha, I would have left the game early. Her "That's not the place" is very cute.

SINoALICE | Japanese


First of all, I like the game itself. It maybe classic card game on the outside, but it was already entertaining for me. There's also a mini-game to make up for it.
The stories are also good, the characters are interesting. Oh, they give voices to each dialogues, which makes the story more catchy. Although the game is in pure Japanese (dialogues), the voice give justice to it.
Gacha in itself is fine and interesting, especially when the two's gimmick are in place(kicking the doll on the left side for flipping the rarity).
I only play this for about 6 hours before I comment, and I still planning to continue it ^_^.
The sounds, bgm, etc are also good.
The fanservices are good to me. I think there are less big breasts than the normal and flat ones. It keeps me from being disgusted.
My problem is the long loading time, that's all for now.

What I only want in this game is their OP. It actually give me shivers when I saw it.
This game could have potential in the future and I'm waiting for it.
My problem for now is they don't have something that could bind my account. And that's the reason I lost my account on my first time when this game was release.
I don't have anything against their gameplay but actually I feel like they lost something so good, I don't know what though.
Their gacha is fine, I like it. Their rate is fine for me too

Witch's Weapon | Japanese


Let's see....... The graphics looks really cool and astounding. The mechanics are easy to understand(for me) even if it's in pure Japanese.
But because it's pure, I don't really understand what they are saying, so their expressions really helps me to know what they are on about.
Oh! Their gacha is really epic; you can draw your own constellation. Their rerolling is also good; free first 10x gacha(unlimited reroll[開心]) with another 10x ticket gacha.
Good thing they don't have that much characters at the beginning, that's why getting sr is easy, although ssr are really hard to get.
Overall, it's really a good game with decency(I mean they don't show much bewbs, which I like[開心]) and they have amazing characters ≧∇≦. Some of them though are look alike from other game.
Petition: I want them to have voice in their conversation.

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