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Anime gamer. Understanding Japanese and Chinese.
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Anime gamer. Understanding Japanese and Chinese.
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[可憐][可憐][可憐] don't like its graphics though...

netmarble is da best!!!

Dot Heroes


Cute cute cute!!!
It helps to explore my potential creativity hahaha (which I may not have)
The best part is sending the hero you created to fight with monsters. Super cute and not horrible at all monsters I would say.



I'm so mad at this zombie man 😠
I can't put his soft body in the right place and he has no energy at all[發火]

The developer has lots of humors I'd say. sometimes I can't stop laughing

Sausage Legend


seriously what the hell is this[為什麼][為什麼][為什麼]
I don't wanna be a sausage to fight other food[發火][發火]

I can't understand at all.
And that's why I rated it 5 score.
Don't you think it's what PTE wants?

Gudetama Quest


gameplay is not attractive, but the graphic is so cute. Recommend it to who like gudetama.

it's like a clumsy version of Tetris...
not so much fun and the penguin..seriously what is it for?
the most ridiculous thing is when you fail to clear those bricks, it will pop up a window and ask you whether you need to buy fire to melt the ice bricks so that you can continue playing...I kinda think no one will buy it[no]



I like puzzle game the best especially those quite thought provoking.
Sometimes you may get stuck by incomplete clues, but if you turn around, you'll find the way.
The only flaw is its a quite short story, even though you solve all puzzles, it wont take you too much time. I wish it could be longer.
The story background is brilliant. I would say its genius. I was astonished and overwhelmed.
Hope all of us wont come across the horrible plot as that in the game.



Cute and interesting game[害羞]
Loving the pixel style. So classical[色色]

great to see it after the long time waiting[大哭]

grahics good!
exploring mode great!
but since I can't understand Japanese well, I personally think the dialogs are like endless... I just press skip to play lolllll


Lovely games...i swallow the skyscraper!!
It quite helps a lot to release the pressure XDDD

On Air!


Nice characrers, voice and music[色色]
An SSR will be given when you finish the dialog at first.
The opening song is brilliant. There are many scenarios in the game and all of them are very delicate.

Dokkiri God Avoidance 3


Cute games with interesting design.
Some levels are bit hard to figure out.[憋屈]
Too many ads in the screen!! But its understandable because its free[難過]
All in all, good one to kill time[開心]

Cocoro Sekai


It actually helps me to learn Japanese XDDDD
quite good to kill time

A leisure game that can be played to kill the time.
Compared to this one, i prefer that "mom stole my game" lol

Hidden my game by mom


It is a very interesting game. A little bit short (30 rounds and could be completed within half an hour) but worthy playing. The ending is quite thought provoking. Really enjoy it!

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Introduce some cute games.
honkai is the first bishojo game i tried .
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