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Official release is terrible, can't click anything without it loading forever and then crashing due to an error. What ia going on?

gib code

Constantly can't connect, even with perfect wifi. Always says problem connecting to server. Tried with the Korean version but thats the same too.

You can tell they really don't care about SideM. They half-assed this game and they know it.

The lives are laggy as hell for no reason, tried to play on phone and iPad and they're both laggy. The gacha page looks empty as hell, they could've used the card animations on the page to liven it up but it's just pictures.

The live 2D is good, but it's jarring how they sometimes just flick straight to a different animation with no transition.

It's not like they needed 3D lives to make this good, but they could've put more effort in since it's clearly a low-budget game anyway. It's not fair for us SideM fans to be shafted like this when all other IMAS games are high quality.

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