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I didn't need any VPN and I'm enjoying the game so far. Amazing graphics and fairly interesting gameplay. The story isn't toooootally superb but it's something i guess. I think the PvP aspect will get a lot of players involved tbh so definitely give this a try! :)

It's fine. I think with multiple updates and such, the game will see better light then it does right now. Smash Tap was alright, Rising is currently only Fine. We'll see where this goes, I won't judge it yet til it the first anniversary, but that's just me.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links


Played It. Did all I could with it for my own personal goals. Conquered what I had set out to do. Retired while I was ahead so I wouldn't have to bother continuing to waste my money for a pretty damn good mobile game yet at the same time far inferior from it's console incarnations and etc. Sad. Still enjoyed it though, definitely recommend to any Yu-Gi-Oh fan out there who wants to play that series on the go. ^^

Azur Lane (JP)


Honesty love the artwork for this game. Gameplay and interactions are all fascinating but I literally can't play this game without it crashing so I'll rate this game base off on how I would of enjoyed this game rather than using my bad experiences. Nonetheless. Great game with lots of waifus! (Plus Hyperdimension Neptunia did a crossover with this mobile game! That was awesome. Too bad I couldn't enjoyed that collaboration [大哭]

Dragon Ball Legends


The game is interesting and has definitely come a long way since its release. Throughout the constant different metas and team builds also came excellent or fascinating storytelling through Story Mode which has you going through the life of Shallot, an Ancient Saiyan who has long since forgotten who he is and how he ended up in a different timeline. The game deals with a similar concept as Dokkan's Story Mode took regarding multiple timelines being all merged together and whatnot. The gameplay is action based and requires a lot of strategy and patience to overcome certain obstacles or other players whom have top tier team builds. Team building has you dealing with editing your team with various of your favorite characters and equipping items onto them to buff up their performance overall. As most people would know this game is a Gasha Game and has a lot of ways to earn Crystals as well as having a daily discount single summon per day.
Honestly I suggest trying this game out! :)

You know. I really like this game. Currently had to delete it for Space, but whenever I get back space I'll happily redownload this wonderful 3D Game. Hack n' Slash is one of my favorite genres so it's a no brainer that this delivers that fast pace action just right. Not to mention, so many lovely and cute girls to choose from!!! My favorite is Mei~[色色][色色][色色]

This game was freaking awesome despite not being able to actually control the characters. You more so watch them battle as you play and bring your team to victory strategically.

I enjoyed it for the first few days. Obtained Sarada for free... Annnnnd. Got bored of it real quick. As much as I don't play Blazing as much as DB Dokkan and Legends. This game right here? Fails to even reach Blazing expectations. If you wanna play a Naruto game on the side while you're on Break during work or whatever, try this out but honestly I recommend Naruto Blazing over this anyday. 😒



I enjoyed this for what it was!

Now personally I don't care for SAO or anything related to this series, but this game wasn't that bad. it was actually pretty enjoyable. Too bad I still couldn't fully invest in it. 😅

Far better than the other Naruto Mobile games. Gameplay is alright. I felt it could be better and far more interesting, but given how much I love DB Dokkan and how simple it's gameplay is? I really shouldn't be saying anything. Nonetheless, this game provides a lot and is quite possibly the best Naruto mobile game out there. Collect all your favorite ninja characters or eventually samurai? (if anyone likes those dudes aside from the epic Mifune). I suggest giving this game a try! It's really well crafted. ^^

Digimon LinkZ (Global)


It was fun to play. Lol

Brave Frontier


Absolutely fascinating. Such a amazing game with tons of units to collect. Tons of stuff to do and most importantly, the gameplay is absolutely stunning for a 2D Mobile Game! Please. Try it! ^^

Absolutely adore the JP Version. Absolutely feel alright about the Global version. I mean this is where I started from way back in 2015. Still have that very same account to this day. So I suppose nostalgia is what keeping me from completely dismissing Dokkan (Global Version) even though it's gotten faaaaaaaaar better than it's heyday. ( Goodness was it bad during the first year)

I personally love this game![耍帥] I love the card collecting aspect a lot as well as the super attack animations (even more so nowadays), and I like building various of different teams. it's all amusing and fun to me. using weaker characters like Bulma and Oolong whom is usually unplayable in most serious DB games is interesting. Dokkan has quite possibly one of the best summoning banners. What I mean by that is the 5-50 summoning is the best way to keep players engaged in grinding. I am not the biggest fan of mobile games that go past the 5-50 summoning as it just makes the grinding either horrible or you're forced to do some PvP content. it's a good way to have people experience all of what your game can offer sure but still isn't the best. Naruto Blazing's step up banners are cool, but what's not cool for F2P? The grinding. it felt very P2P at times and thats probably my biggest thumbs up to Dokkan. it is incredibly generous to players who are free-to-play. So please try it out!^^

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