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Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth: A very fascinating mobile game. Unlike the previous one which was Dark World I believe; you actually get to battle and play as all of your favorite ghouls and doves. The gameplay is exactly what I was expecting to see if it wasn't a Hack n' Slash. It's turn-based but with additional features to make it unique such as being capable of continuing the assault by repeatedly pressing on the characters icon to continue attacking until their action is all used up along with the other two present on the field. Then swap the active character with the bench one and continuing the assault. You can use up to 6 units in a battle using this tactics since 3 will always be active and three will always be benched. Summoning on this game is fun and simple. Collecting 5 to 50 Gems we'll net you a chance in getting a new SSR unit. The Territory feature is pretty cool since occasionally raids, strikes and more will occur randomly. So far there's no Stamina in this game so that's cool!

One Point Treasure Cruise. This game here... I remember first playing it and automatically not liking it's gameplay as much as I probably should. It just never connected with me; maybe it will next time? Nevertheless, this game IS great for One Piece fans and is a pretty good F2P game as well. I really like the a variety of content you can do and I definitely enjoy summoning in this game as not only does the animation looks very one piece like but the rates are pretty decent to fantastic. The hard events can prove challenging, but if you build your teams right you'll manage to prevail. Collecting my favorite characters in this game is almost as enjoyable as Dokkan. I love love looove the artwork so damn much. Very Oda-like. Very stylish. Absolutely stunning in my opinion. I highly recommend trying this out if you're a one piece fan, turn base fan and if enjoy mobile games like Naruto Blazing. The gameplay is somewhat turn based except you tap at the precise moment to attack.

Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


Personally speaking, I really enjoy playing this as a dedicated pokemon fan. Originally I was incredibly criticizing this game for it's lack of combat and its poor way of utilizing the pokemon franchise to get quick bucks, but I see now that type of view was very shortsighted. This game in terms of capturing your favorite 'mons is one of the best. It's literally the main focal point. The battling mechanic when facing gyms is fine. it's not horrible nor is it technically thrilling it's just right for anyone new to the series. I can see this being tons of people gateway to the franchise as a whole and I hope many people go back and play the main series. F2P Value is about average. 5/10 It's pretty good for awhile or for anyone who doesn't play too often but for those who play constantly yeah this is definitely very demanding of your hard earned money I'm just being honest. Would I recommend this? sure. it's something. it's something for anyone to get into and enjoy for however long.

One Piece Bounty Rush. A interesting concept they chosen this time around. If only this game really focused on both PvE and PvP equally. Maybe have some things similar to Treasure Cruise. I honestly don't know if I potentially like this more than Treasure Cruise or not as I am not that big of a fan of Treasure Cruise's gameplay meanwhile I do like the gameplay here it's more so the lack thereof content. Really hurts the games overall lasting appeal and makes the players who aren't as PvP heavy grow sick of the game faster as I did. I wanted to rate this higher. I wanted to view this game highly and somewhat I do. I see the potential it has but will it last long enough to reach that point of success? That is a whole different story to be told. I do still recommend playing this to see how you personally feel about it, you may come to really enjoy the PvP aspect and honestly if you play Treasure Cruise this would be a good addition to play whenever that's on maintenance.

Spotify Music


Perfect for playing other apps. I have this on my phone and I use it on my PS4; blasting through my television. It's truly a remarkable experience and definitely a app worth utilizing. I also believe purchasing the premium is mandatory if you want the full-on experience especially if you're a music lover!

Epic Seven | Global


I enjoy it. It's pretty difficult from most recent Gasha Games and I definitely love the artstyle and gameplay it provides. Grinding is a bit of a hassle for some but that is not an issue for me. You get use to this agter playing many JPRGs, Destiny 2 and etc. Actually I quite like how friendly this game is towards those who choose to be F2P though it would benefit a lot of players more to be P2P or at least a mixed of both. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy Turn Based Games with interesting plot and cutesy-cool artistic direction. English Dubbed isn't bad. I actually like it. [微笑]

I didn't need any VPN and I'm enjoying the game so far. Amazing graphics and fairly interesting gameplay. The story isn't toooootally superb but it's something i guess. I think the PvP aspect will get a lot of players involved tbh so definitely give this a try! :)

It's fine. I think with multiple updates and such, the game will see better light then it does right now. Smash Tap was alright, Rising is currently only Fine. We'll see where this goes, I won't judge it yet til it the first anniversary, but that's just me. I really enjoyed collecting all of my favorite heroes and villains. I think the game has the potential to really grow and evolve and should get a worldwide release if it hasn't already. I definitely recommend this to any Boku no Hero Academia fan.

Azur Lane | English


Unlike the JP Version I actually got to play and enjoy this one for a much longer period of time. I really like Interacting with each of my ship waifus and the gameplay is fun enough to grind and sit through although at times it can be a bit tiresome when the stages are too long but that's just me. There's a lot you can do in this game and it definitely contains quite a bit of personal fan service especially regarding the ship waifus. There's a variety of ship girls with multiple personalities, abilities and traits for just about anybody. I do recommend at least trying it out and investing time in majority of the game's mechanics and features as that's what truly makes this different from other mobile games.

Played It. Did all I could with it for my own personal goals. Conquered what I had set out to do. Retired while I was ahead so I wouldn't have to bother continuing to waste my money for a pretty damn good mobile game yet at the same time far inferior from it's console incarnations and etc. Sad. Still enjoyed it though, definitely recommend to any Yu-Gi-Oh fan out there who wants to play that series on the go. ^^

Azur Lane | Japanese


Honesty love the artwork for this game. Gameplay and interactions are all fascinating but I literally can't play this game without it crashing so I'll rate this game base off on how I would of enjoyed this game rather than using my bad experiences. Nonetheless. Great game with lots of waifus! (Plus Hyperdimension Neptunia did a crossover with this mobile game! That was awesome. Too bad I couldn't enjoyed that collaboration [大哭]



The game is interesting and has definitely come a long way since its release. Throughout the constant different metas and team builds also came excellent or fascinating storytelling through Story Mode which has you going through the life of Shallot, an Ancient Saiyan who has long since forgotten who he is and how he ended up in a different timeline. The game deals with a similar concept as Dokkan's Story Mode took regarding multiple timelines being all merged together and whatnot. The gameplay is action based and requires a lot of strategy and patience to overcome certain obstacles or other players whom have top tier team builds. Team building has you dealing with editing your team with various of your favorite characters and equipping items onto them to buff up their performance overall. As most people would know this game is a Gasha Game and has a lot of ways to earn Crystals as well as having a daily discount single summon per day.
Honestly I suggest trying this game out! :)

You know. I really like this game. Hack n' Slash is one of my favorite genres so it's a no brainer that this delivers that fast pace action just right; not to mention there's so many lovely girls to choose from!!! My favorite is Mei~[色色][色色][色色]

The Story itself is decent nothing spectacular but the models and gameplay are quite fascinating.

each character feels unique to themselves and have multiple forms which allows you to utilize different styles of gameplay. So where the character roster seems small in actuality it's far larger due to the multiple variations of each individual character. Truly this game deserves praise for being incredibly fun and entertaining. I do personally think the summoning on this game is a bit lacking and while it is possible to summon for a character you mostly want fragments to built the new variation which can be a bit annoying when you don't pull the missing pieces. All in all. Try it out see if this game is for you!

This game was freaking awesome despite not being able to actually control the characters. You more so watch them battle as you play and bring your team to victory strategically. Highly recommend trying out!

I personally enjoyed the game for several days. came back later more recently. Still enjoyed it for a few weeks. I still prefer Blazing over this despite Blazing not being very F2P friendly. I did enjoyed Ninja Voltage's gameplay as it reminds me a good bit of Bleach Brave Souls but even then it wasn't very polished and still not completely polished but is much better than before. I suggest trying it out if you like Hack n' Slash / Beat em' up games or love naruto franchise and just want another game to invest in. This will certainly please F2P players and will definitely please a lot of players. It's fun, and somewhat addicting but ultimately not for me. if you enjoy it, that's fantastic! I hope this game continues to succeed as well as Blazing. The naruto fanbase deserves to enjoy these naruto games on the go. :)



Learned about this game from a long time ago from a friend and when I played it i had tons of fun! I enjoyed collecting new units to commence battle and upgrade my team's strength to compete against higher stages and bosses. The character art is honesty astounding and each character has a different variation of themselves which only makes things even more fascinating as you can pick and chose which version of them do you like the most and change their gameplay quite a bit depending on the variation. You definitely might have to P2P in this mobile game. I certainly did my best as a F2P but to truly get all the cool stuff and enjoy the game at its best. Yeah... P2P! I still say try it out. See if this game interests you. Do be warn! Unlike most Gasha Games this is a Shoot 'em Up. You shoot the enemies down with your automatic attacks as you move your unit all over the map. Definitely not for everyone, but good enough for the most dedicated fanbase.

I want to start off by saying I'm not a fan of the series. Seen Season One, and bits of Season Two. Didn't really enjoy it. However, I surprisingly enjoyed this game! I actually really like its style of Gameplay. The vast amount of characters you can obtain and the way it handles summoning and grinding is relatively fine. Kirito may not be one of my favorite characters but that's fine as I am not required to use him. I can use anyone else. I love Sinon and to be able to use her and more waifus plus many others is a real treat to be honest. So I believe this game deserves a good score and deserves a good try out before judging if you want to keep it or not. As for the series itself I do plan on revisiting and watching the whole thing to see if my thoughts about Kirito and some others will change but that is a whole 'nother thing. Anyway thanks for reading and enjoy Defrag!

Naruto Blazing. One of the best Naruto Mobile Games next to Ninja Voltage. Personally, this game is NOT F2P Friendly. It's friendly somewhat when you first start out, but soon becomes a massive chore to grind and stay relevant next to all the P2W players. That probably the biggest difference between Ninja Voltage and this. NT is far more F2P friendly and honestly treats theie player fanbase better. Now that isn't to shit on Ninja Blazing as a whole as I still prefer Blazing over Ninja Voltage. I am not the biggest fan of Blazing's gameplay, but I can respect the amount of detail the added to some units attacks. Summoning in this game is fun and getting new units all the while collecting is one of my favorite aspects of these types of mobile games; it's just sad that you're better off paying to pull units or save up enough to obtain certain ones in the cat granny shop. I hope Blazing continues to prosper and deliver many cool ass characters and PvP advancements. F2P value 4/10

Digimon Links | Global


Very fun game with great unit collection and turn based combat. I enjoyed this game a lot and it brought back some nostalgia seeing old Digimons i used to like back in the day. If you like Turn Based Combat, Digimon and Collecting/Online Battling than give this a try!

Fire Emblem Heroes


Well. Since the game is unavailable on here I'll speak from the time I did play it: This game is certainly an interesting entry to the mobile game department. I definitely enjoyed the gameplay and strategic approach they implemented and honestly for what it's the free summoning feature was a massive thumbs up in my eyes. That was unexpectedly cool. I recommend on Google Play Store or whatever store your phone has and try this out. It'll definitely be worth your time if you're already a fan of the series or had some form of interest.

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