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Panumas パーヌマート (Pokemoc) 1737319

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This game come from hentai game. You can expect characters tits size bigger than their head. [厲害]
Gameplay is really ok. I am not action game fan but I think gameplay is really easy to understand and you need some Japanese language to understand support and weapon ability. There is lewd costume in this game you can pay with crystal. And you need 800 crystal to unlocked other characters. But SR weapon is really easy to enchanced power and use for kill minions. Upgraded materials are very easy to farm.

Pokemon Rumble Rush


good game but I feel like playing flash game. Only elemental system is Pokemon but other is crappy system with RNG to unlock new stages. You can farm ores to upgrade everything but it takes long time.

Wonder Gravity


Gacha SSR is 2% with frame mechanics that you can get frames and characters in this 2% gacha. That is very salty rates.

Mist Chronicle (JP)


Everything is good even 4 star character isn't bad at all. Expect gacha rate is kinda salty for me but game is really unique and fun so far.



good gacha rate for gem or normal. you can expect got some free rare in normal too.

Now this game turn into salty limited gacha and broken some balance at first released. Jotaro (4th chapter) is the most powerful. They dont even think about balance at all. Free gacha doesnt give all GR(SSR) right now.

good game with good system I haver ever seen.

everything is great but a lot of maintanance

GrandChase | Global


dont show gacha rate???

how to fix stamina -9?



Gacha rating on Pick up is really bad.
This game is dead now

This game is dead

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dead game! game gonna close at 30 August [怪笑] Read Note
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