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MARVEL Super War | Global


Good game ruined by a terrible player base.
Positives: Rather balanced roster with some very unique skillsets like Yondu, Magik, Black Knight etc. That is unseen on any other mobile MOBA. No rune system is always a positive. Great character models and map design too. One of tje best on phone might I add.

Negatives: Full of noobs and feeders. When you get players who die 5-6 times before 8 mins as teammates you can't help but go afk. Feeders should be permanently banned. Because of them the game experience for now is horrendous. Would not recommend mainly because of this despite the positives unless you play with friends.

Good game. Terrible connection. Sadly it's dead now. Revive it with a good server please.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


2023 Review edit :

This game has always struggled with balance, but it has gotten progressively worse with thr current balance being even worse than before. Most characters are useless (esp ADC characters), whereas a small group are super OP. The dev team has no idea on how to balance them out at all. When they try to buff useless characters they end up making them super OP and when they nerf OP characters they end up making them useless. The biggest example rn being the Hanabi rework. They turned her from bad to worse. She's completely useless as her bouncing attack dmg decays whereas we have characters like Melissa whose skill works similarly but has no damage decaying disadvantage.

Secondly, the blatant copying of other MOBAs esp LoL and Dota. Anyone who has played those two games will see how pathetically copied most of the ML rosters are. Let's take a recent example of Beatrix, which is a shameless copy of a champ in LoL called Aphelios. Valentina? Viego. Gloo? Jax. Etc. It shows the dev team has no respect for gaming and creativity in general and they only created this game for the quick buck made by capitalising on a genre that's not well explored on mobile.

Third, the matchmaking is terrible. I'm a MM and a Mage/Support main with 99% of my matches being of those classes yet the game ALWAYS matches me up with people who only main these classes as well resulting in conflcit of choice and forcing us to play classes we aren't good at. The matchmaking algorithm is terrible. Wild Rift has easily fixed this by allowing players to choose roles they wanna be matched up with before matchmaking. This game is in serious need of a similar mechanic to make matchmaking smoother and fair.

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