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any interesting games out there?
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any interesting games out there?
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Wind Boys!


IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RHYTHM GAME. Check the game details and genre before playing the game.

Graphics: Though the game doesn't have 2D Models, the art and Game UI is *chef's kiss*. The UI is user friendly so that's already a 10/10 for me.

Sound: I like the BGM for the game (especially the Home Screen bgm, it's a vibe). Most of the BGM is just chill and I actually like it since it's also not annoying.

Gameplay: Here we go again, so this game is basically a combination of La Cordo Starlight and A3!. This is meant to be a casual raising sims game which focuses more on story and card collecting. Also, you can pick your gender (Male character look or Female character look) for the game, which is cool.

Storyline: N/A since I can't read Japanese.

Value: Personally, a 10/10 for me for what it is. The game is just right up my alley, and definitely for those who like games like A3!, Enstars!Basic, La Cordo Starlight, etc. Would recommend for players who like those games and just want to chill.

Graphics: The art is amazing and the chibi models are cute as heck. UI is also user-friendly and is pleasing to the eyes, being more modern-ish that what it used to look like.

Sound: I'm pretty sure you can buy BGM for your home screen thru the shop, using ES coins. It's all absolute bangers of songs and the other BGM (not songs) are pretty good as well.

Gameplay: Not much gameplay, in all honesty. It's more on team building and card raising rather than interactive and dynamic gameplay. Understandble since this is a casual sim raising game, if you want actual gameplay then play the Music! version of the game, which is a rhythm game.

Storyline: No comment, since I don't understand Japanese.

Value: I'm seriously here just for the characters and card-collecting aspect of the game. Dias are hard to get after a while and gacha rates are hella bad BUT I still love the game and will continue to do so until the end. Seriously, def would recommend to casual sim raising gacha fans that just want another game to chill with.

VPN Recommendations: For free VPNs, try VPN Japan, Open VPN (for Android) or Solo VPN. If you got some money to spare then go for the main VPNs like Express VPN. For a fast but has like limited tries and time a day for free users, try Fly VPN, for at least the data download at the start.

Now, on to the actual game review.

Graphics: The art and illustrations are amazing but the 3D models are kinda meh. Like, some are good and some are bad, which is kinda disappointing for such a popular IP and a triple A game developer.

Sound: Not much variety of bgm. Kinda annoying after a while, especially when you're doing story quests.

Gameplay: For a gacha raising sims game, pretty good. Got some well-made mechanics, though I hate the limited tries on the daily quests but understandable since you'll just immediately max out your units if it there wasn't any.

Storyline: It's BNHA. For someone who doesn't know, it's your typical shounen anime or manga about superheroes in a High School setting. It's not the best shounen but it's still a good one.

Value: Overall, it's a pretty good gacha game. I've played multiple gacha raising sims before, and this is basically a typical standard type of gacha. The UI style for the Home Screen tho is so common in gacha games that it's kinda meh but still okay. The game is pretty typical but def would recommend for gacha players even if you don't know the IP source. Also, there's a reroll system so no more convoluted way of rerolling for the game. Just click the white button I think in the tutorial gacha.

I never expected a game of which the character assets are real life pictures of the actors to be actually good.

Graphics: The character assets are pictures of real people, and it has variety of expressions of them. There are also some cute chibis (anime style ofc) with animated movements and there are also animated skill cut-ins, but its not fgo kind of animations, so lower your expectations. Just think of Etoile Stage animations.

Sound: BGM is okay but there is a big let down. There are no voiced lines. Like, there is short voice lines, lines that is like a gasp or sigh or something that they would say in almost all possible dialouges.

Gameplay: Think of A3!, Enstars! Basic or Etoile Stage (more close to this game). Not game breaking gameplay, also not dynamic or interactive at all, its just a simulation game.

Storyline: Idk JP so I have no say but if you're curious, this game, Prince of Legend, is actually from a movie. Watch the movie if you want to know of the story atleast.

Value: A good sim game. Dias are kinda hard to get but its doable as a f2p player. Just be smart with your dias, pick your events and gachas and you're good. Also, Haru and Riichi are best boys.

First off, if you wanna play the game, make sure you have at least 3gb free space in your phone. And an important note, you can reroll for your tutorial gacha, many times as you want, there is always a guaranteed 1 SSR and 2 SR.

Graphics: Pretty good. UI is nice and easy to navigate. Art is just right up my alley. There's like short animated cut scenes which I think is nice to put in the game.

Sound: Pretty good as well, which is expected for a game about music. As long as the sound isn't annoying, its good enough for me.

Gameplay: Okay, now the game is clearly tagged as a raising sims and SIMULATION game, so don't expect much for gameplay when playing this. Because this is an Aniplex made game, I'm not really shocked with its similarity with FGO's battle style even tho there isn't any battling happening in this game. You'll understand what I mean once you play. This game is basically the same as A3!, Enstars! Basic and other raising sims game that focuses more on card collection and raising said cards, so just expect that level of gameplay if you want to play this one.

Story: Nothing to say coz' I can't read JP.

Overall Value: I can definitely recommend this to casual and chill players who likes to just collect cards of their fave boys and girl (Yes, there is actually ONE girl in the game.) I can definitely see the game to be a bit grindy when it comes to lvl up mats and music coins but overall, a good chill game. Again, this is most likely a game that focuses more on story and card collection rather than gameplay. Try the game out if you guys want to. Also, follow the game's twitter if you guys want to get updated on events and stuff.

WAVE!! Naminori Boys


Just release review, so this might change!

So, another boy raising sims game. For a comparison, I would say its a combination of A3! (the practice aspect), short rhythm game (Twist) and a Etoile Stage like event reward system (earn even pts then you get to pick your reward when gathered enough pts). There are also mini games in the game but I'll maybe explain than in a post instead.

I don't want to shit on the game's flaws while it just released, like the whole "serif 1" and "this is a pen" placeholder text, those are just easy fixes. My actual gripe would be the skill cut in the rhythm portion wherein the whole screen is just covered by the cut in. Hopefully they'll change it soon but rn its not that big of a deal, only annoying.

Sound is nothing special, it does get annoying after a while.

I have nothing to say to the Storyline coz I can't read JP.

Overall value: Pretty good, its just a good ole collect em boys card raising sims game, for a more casual and chill players. Would def recommend to those kind of players. Also, "This is a pen" is a potential meme and I ain't that mad bout it.

Graphics: I'm quite shocked to see a not live 2D game nowadays, but its a welcome surprise. Art is great, but UI is a bit outdated but again, I kinda like it and it ain't half-bad.

Sound: The music/songs are total bops. Different genres, not just rap or rock (if you thought that because of the style). Some voice acting (personally) I think doesn't suit some characters.

Gameplay: The rhythm aspect is different from the norm. There are no flicks (hello anti flick peeps) but still fun and a little challenging because of like in some songs, the notes will come at you depending on the beat. Example, if there is a pause in the beat, the notes will stop then will only continue if the beat continues, make sense? I kinda hate it, but eh. I guess the major downside is the hard to get mats for upgrade/level up of units.

Storyline: I'm only reading translations, and I haven't fully read all available content so, maybe next time.

Value: A fun rhythm game with a twist. Donuts likes to give twists in their rhythm games, huh. Def would recommend to rhythm game connoisseurs if you want something a little different.

A3! | English


Imma put the review here also so...

Graphics: The art is great, there are different kinds of facial expressions for every character. Illustrations are masterpieces. Chibi versions are cute as heck.

Sound: There is a variety of BGM you can listen to and change the Home screen bgm to. Pretty good tbh.

Gameplay: This is a very casual game. There's legit not much gameplay at all. All you do is tap on the screen when you do "Practices" for like 10 turns/times. There's a coin collecting mini-game but not that rewarding. Just put that shiz on Auto and chill out on another game while A3 plays in the background.

Story: Now, for me this is the turning point of the game. There's not much gameplay but the story is so good. Its not an Otome. The heroine is more like a helper for the boys to be able to improve themselves, in other terms, the pusher for chara development. As the story progresses, you get curiouser and curious coz' every boy here has a background story that makes them, them

Overall: Technically a visual novel that has a Gacha system and a bit of maybe some RPG elements, but not totally RPG. Great story, boring gameplay, just enjoy the stories and all the pain of grinding would be worth it.

Okay, I love this game but imma review this objectively.

Graphics: Art is amazing. I love the game's way of storytelling (different angles of the dialouges, etc.) But it does look a little bit outdated with the UI.

Sound: Its a meh. Not much to say tbh. Its enough to not annoy the hell out of you.

Gameplay: Okay, gameplay is a meh because you don't do anything in the matches. That's my only gripe in gameplay because there are other aspects of the game (like upgrade system, there's a lot) that makes the game a bit challenging. You actually need to make a good team to do good, like this ain't your usual Raising Sims game, you hafta make a strategically good team.

Storyline: N/A because I have not watched or read the anime and I cannot understand JP.

Value: May be a big pass for some people but tbh, once you dive right in to the other aspects that I was talking about, game gets fun. But, most likely only a few would play this. Also, Nozaki is best girl, she's the main reason I played despite not knowing anything bout the game. She is precious, so play the game god damn it.

Okay, suggestions first. For VPN, try Solo VPN and Japan VPN which is a plug-in for Open VPN. I use both but recently more of Solo VPN.

Graphics: Really good. Art and animations are great. Also, the battle sprites are so good.

Sound: Its okay. Nothing unique or something to stand out with. Voice acting is good tho.

Gameplay: Reminds me of Final Fantasy games from before, like FFV (first FF game that came to mind) where its turn-based but there also like a time gauge of like when a unit can act. Overall, really fun.

Storyline: N/A cause I have not watched or read Konosuba or understand JP.

Value: A really fun game that will not make you bored. Also, this was obvs inspired by PriConne (Princess Connect: Re dive), they may have did many things differently, the style is still there. PriConne is also a fun game, def recommend both games to be tried out if curious.

First things first, game data can be downloaded to or transferred to SD card but around 2gb of data needs to be downloaded to the app itself (internal storage). This was since the latest update, v3.8.0.

Graphics: Really good. The art and animations are great. Its both cute and gorgeous. May lag depending on the device.

Sound: There's a variety of BGM, and some of them are actually good. Voice Acting is also good.

Gameplay: Okay, let's be honest, gameplay isn't the best or the worst. Its the "units do the fighting, you do the ult" kind of game. You just watch there, hope for the best. Just cause there's a cool ult animation doesn't change the fact its a meh.

Storyline: N/A cause haven't watched the anime and can't understand JP.

Value: 3/5. Its a aight game. Is better than most games that has the same gameplay. I hate that the Unit lvl is limited to Player lvl. Still, the game is fun and would def recommend for peeps to try this out. Also, the Konosuba Fantastic Days was obviously inspired by this game but they change this game's major flaws, making it more fun. I also recommend that you play that game if you liked this.

Also, I haven't watched or read both Konosuba and PriConne (in the future I will). So, I'm not being biased, and I ain't hating on this game. Just wanted to get that out there.

22/7 Music Time


Game is pretty fun. Gameplay is a lot like bandori's. The flick is hell indeed but you can flick any direction with it. Up and down is allowed, I've tried but sometimes flicks don't register, but let's give the game a chance, it did just release. Still fun, despite the bad flicks. Songs are good also. Art fits the theme well and props to the UI coz' damn it be sleek and nice. Def recommend for rhythm fans.
Edit: So, one nitpick of mine which I also had with bandori was that after a song, a convo happens between one of the two members in your team and then after that, you go to home. Idk if there was an off in Bandori for that but god I hate that so much. I want to play more songs but after every song it goes straight to home. Little nitpick but its just annoying is all.
Update v1.0.2: Just updated the app and yeah, flicks are now more sensitive and will register properly. I checked with a song with tons of flicks (barrages even) on hardest difficulty and it works a ton now.

What's not to like? Its the good ol' Medabots game. Gameplay is the same as the one on the Gameboy. If you have played the gameboy Medabots then you'll understand how this game works and which are the best Medabots. Hopefully there will be an english but for now, let's just enjoy this game cause god this game is really so much fun. Also, special mention to the BGM cause its so good, it really hypes me up in the battle and there's not only one BGM for each battle, just go and play to find out.



Graphics: Character models are actually great once you look at them closely. The art is also awesome and the UI is well, its aight.

Sound: BGM is good but when it comes to the Music/Songs, its perfection. The genre is rock but not only that, there's different kinds of rock like pop rock, etc. The VA sounds like professional singers like they can actually sing and voice act. The songs are just total bops that you'll listen to in your everyday if you wanted.

Gameplay: Lags sometimes, especially in Expert difficulty. Can be made more harder if you adjust the note speed. 14 is max speed and I'll tell ya, it's actually hard once you change the speed. Highest difficulty of a song rn is 31 I think.

Storyline: Idk cause I don't understand japanese so I won't be rating that to be fair. I guess if you like the anime, you'll like this.

Value: Fun rhythm game that people hate because "Its like Bandori so I hate it and I miss the old SBR." I get it but at the same time, the game is actually good if you tried and adjusted some settings to your preference. I have played the old SBR and the artstyle of that is different to the new one but that doesn't make the new one bad looking just cause its not the same.

Overall, its actually a fun game that you should play if you like rhythm because the songs are absolutely amazing and the art is great.

Graphics: Really great graphics. The art got better, sprites now have some variety compared to SIF, the 3d models are great and the movements looks natural enough and the models have a variety of facial expressions (the winks, ma hart). Also, game UI is sooooo good, in short its awesome.

Sound: The songs are great, they really released the best ones first. The BGM doesn't get annoying, and the fact that in the profile for each character is different (Nijigasaki girls had their individual songs as their bgm) is great attention to detail.

Gameplay: A unique rhythm game, ngl. It requires strategy, and some amount of skill in tapping or flicking. As time passes, and you get used to the grind and be able to formulate a plan to grind better, mats, exp and coins are no problem to you in no time. If you actually try the game, like really try it out without the mindset that its another rhythm game, then you'll enjoy the game.

Storyline: The absolute best. Dialouges are organic, doesn't feel stiff, like it feels like real conversation between real people that are friends. MC is basically a fangirl that wants to really support her group in anyways possible, so really, that's like us fans. As the story progresses, shit gets real good. Chapter 8 is like, oh yeah, I want more. Nijigasaki girls are the best, their characters are fleshed out and the bond episodes makes you love them more.

Value: A great game overall. Getting URs are reasonable enough, the events will give you them, just grind for the the points using skip tickets and make a team that has units with bonuses to the event and you're good to go. Still waiting for the URs for my Nijigasaki girls. I swear you'll have a good time with the game if you take into consideration that its an RPG-esque rhythm game. Its fun, got judged harshly, play it for yourself if its for you despite the negative comments. Also, the stars (gems), I recommend basically 3 starring each mode (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) in the story, live shows and daily. You can also get stars in events, use my advice if you want when it comes to event team. And most important tip, just save up stars for a banner that you actually want.

Mayday Memory


Graphics: The art is amazing, really refined and the ui of the game is really sleek and gives off that sci-fi vibe which is perfect for the game.

Sound: The dialogues are not voiced, maybe there will be in the future, I don't know. BGM are meh, it's enough, let's put it that way.

Gameplay: It's an otome game. There is an energy system, to start an episode, you will need energy and the choices require energy than like the premium currency. You can easily get gems (pc) and energy via ads and when the choices require you to buy an item, you can just watch an ad instead to get it.

Story: Interesting so far. MC is an amnesiac, really sassy and isn't dumb. Weak to handsome guys tho, understandble. Basically, the MC works at a detective(?) agency, and you will be helping Ain, one of the potential interests, to get his memories back.

Value: Interesting and quite F2P friendly. Better quality than most Otome games released yet. Also, you need an internet connection.

I'll take any rarity of Samatoki as long as I have him!

Edit: I want more songs and higher difficulty. And still hoping to roll a lot of Samatoki to make my Samatoki only team.

So, imma just change my cringey review to a more reliable one.

Graphics: The art is amazing, like the illustrations are wallpaper worthy. 2D live sprites doesn't look or move weirdly, that's good to know.

Sound: Songs are like really good. All kinds of genres are there, just find what you like. A bit sad that the main story isn't fully voiced. There's only like few voice lines, more like expressive lines than like worded lines.

Gameplay: Beatmaps are well made. You can make things more difficult by changing the note speed, of course. I think 10 is the max speed? Idk, I might check it out to be sure. Its just kinda a bummer that there are no daily missions or quests to reward players with gems. Its already very limited to get gems, events are your best and only bet if you have done every mission of a song.

Storyline: N/A coz' idk JP.

Value/Overall: A fun rhythm game with really good variety of songs. The release of new songs are kinda slow, despite already having already made songs, but I guess the beatmaps are what they are working on that's why it takes so long so, ehhh. Definitely recommend to rhythm game fans.

My Hero Academia


First issue and the most important one I have is that the game keeps on losing connection. Its the same with the dev's other game, One Punch Man (Chinese one) which sometimes loses connection also. Its annoying and ruins the experience by a lot. Also the Gacha is pretty okay, gems are somewhat generous, fragments of the characters (you know what I mean) are actually fairly easy to get because there's more than one way to get them.

Graphics: Genuinely actually great. The battle sprites has a mix of 2D and 3D elements, and I'm living for it. They also have cutscenes that use the anime's scenes.

Sound: Uses MHA music. Not much variation.

Gameplay: Auto battle wherein you can only control the usage of skills. You can't pick or direct who you want to target or attack.

Storyline: Just the anime but really trimmed down to the important or highlights of each episode.

Value: Its fun tbh, but just the fact that there are connection issues every now and then, and its super frequent just turns me off and stops me from having a good time.

When you start the game, it may lag and the reason is if you said yes to Background Download then that's the reason. Its lagging because its downloading the other files. Wait for it to finish then it'll speed up.

Game Size (so far): 2.07gb

Gameplay: Its auto battle but you decide on what skills you'll use and you can also direct on which enemy you want to attack. Your skills are from your equipment and vocation.

Sound: It basically has the good ol' Dragon Quest music. Not much variation.

Graphics: Its the global version of a jap game that was released 5 years ago, what did you expect the graphics would be? (Its actually pretty good tbh)

Storyline: Pretty much the same. Save the world from evil, you are the chosen one, that generic stuff. Basically every Dragon Quest storyline.

Value: Pretty good game for old Dragon Quest fans that want some nostalgia. For new people, just keep in mind that this is a game from 5 years ago so don't expect much.

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