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Features which are found in the PC version of Aura Kingdom are mostly present, including Eidolons, costumes, dungeons, story instances, marriage, housing, world bosses, mounts, and the multi-weapon system. Players start off with 3 of 10 weapons, before able to choose a 2nd one at level 43. Spending around USD 50 on rolling new Eidolons, I easily got to around level 40 in a few hours, partially boosted by the generous amount of quest EXP.
But before getting too positive, I found out that the max level is around 82, since that where the last jewel slot on equipment opens. The content might not be there yet, but X-Legend has certainly planned for it. Other than Eidolons, there is a “buddy” system where players collect NPC cards and upgrade them for passive boosts. They can be obtained from gacha, which I feel is another money pit to lure players to continuously boost that attack power.
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