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Roberto Cera 17278863

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Kinda generic idle game but quite the lewd artworks, don't expect anything innovative but can be fun, in more ways than once[怪笑]

Decent game so far, graphically good and with an enjoyable ost. Gacha rates are pretty standard (3% for a 5*) and the chance to prerecruit is very useful and appreciable, expecially for a f2p. So far an ok game that i will surely follow to see how it will proceed.



Game is not bad and definitely got some good ideas but feels like nothing unique enough. Maybe with time it will improve.

Notes (3) More
Can't even start the game (black screen and close on startup) and a lot of people encounter many other problems in game.
No words from devs on social either, extremely bad start for a game with such potential. 
Edìt: Finally got to play it, game can't start with old android versions (i don't know wich one you need exactly) and the "shadow characters" or missing textures (the purple characters or other stuff is because of that) is because the game got some problems on some devices or emus. 
To play it i'm using BlueStacks 6 N64 with the Video Compatibility enabled (without it triggers the shadow/missing textures).
The game is ok, gacha is only for weapons and all characters are from the story or collect for the "Scout" mode wich require some time though, gameplay is the similar to 7kings/Epic7 etc, you get what i mean. 
Still no words from the devs after all the day and this is quite sad.
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