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Not much to say about this game. This is just like most other game with gacha and idle. This game could be better if the gameplay actually shows the girls instead of chibis. Well, I play the game for the CG and the girls, so not much to be saying.

Started out when it was officially released for global. I still do play thid game, just annoying how these developers cater to the whales only. Everything already super hard after a couple missions. The gacha gamble is straight BS. You either spend tons of money or wish you are lucky. The items in the shop are just as costly. The hours put into this at the start would take 5+ hours before you can stop and wait for the next day. Then you will have to repeat again for 4+ hours daily. The power level jump super quick that there not enough resources to even reach that power level until couple days later. What is even more infuriating is the fact that every clothes is paywall. There will be 1% free cash currency and 99% paywall currency. Play this if you are willing to get burnout and anger and spend tons of cash to go ahead. This is P2W and not grind and a little p2w.

Action Taimanin | Global


migrated from Jap ver., still enjoy it nontheless. Anyone want to install nude mod go to steam version. The incredible gameplay plus the posing camera screenshot is a turn-on. Still enjoying the sexiness of this game.

legit game. Hack n Slash and the characters are in full view. The sexy models is definitely a must in this game. The breast amd butt physic is drooling must as well. The game is still new, so there's very little content to play with.

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very sad time for Miku gacha 50 tickets and would at least get Miku and all tickets used and still nothing.
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