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HoneyWorks Premium Live


i can finally load and play the game after waiting !

alright , the graphics of this game is superb the theme and everything looks so bright and cute . also the mv's are really good too !! i know some of the characters bc i've already watched the anime's teehee . but they all look really nice and loveable

the music in here is also so good , i've listened to lots of them .

for the gameplay it's like bandori or prosekai but i sometimes missed the note or get a lot of good , it's easy but i still need to get used to it . idk the gameplay's okay but a bit weird at the same time .

the gacha here is actually pretty nice , we also gets pre-register reward which is worth a lot of gacha's not just twice or thrice ! i got a full 4 stars team by doing the 10 pulls , i didn't get a 4 star in only one 10 pulls gacha . i did like 5 - 6 gacha

overall it's a nice game .

this game is really fun .

i've played a bunch of rhythm games before and this one is the most fun ( for now ) . the gameplay is similar to bandori , but the note can be small or big like take the whole lane , the flick note is sometimes a problem to me but it's fine !

hm , the gacha in here is bad but i've seen worse than this . and leveling up and grinding is a bit hard in here . but stars are actually farmable and easy to get , at least for me .

the characters are loveable , they all have nice design as well . the graphic is really nice , i really like the artstyle !

overall this game is pretty nice and recommended

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