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i love this game so much, its help me leaning Japanese and the characters is ikemen--- wwwww xD
also i love the art but the makes me sad is... is so hard to get SSR >:[[[[

i love this game is really funnn (if u like rhythm game u have to play this)
i like the song and the characters is beautiful and cute (≧∀≦)ゞ(≧∀≦)
but I'm sucks get the card \("▔□▔)/
it's have to be lucky or not that's it :(((
i hope u play and get the card that u want ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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#Anime_Girl_Band Roselia & Afterglow <( ̄︶ ̄)><( ̄▽ ̄)>ヾ(*´∀ ˋ*)ノヾ(´ε`ヾ)✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ Read Note
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