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Gacha is life.
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Gacha is life.
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Onmyoji | English


I hate the story rightnow, the things keep me with this game is Susabi[色色], Kairaishi[害羞] and Hannya[鬼臉] and the event[開心], the story is boring but the game play still so much fun to me, I enjoy that[微笑]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


I must say, all the brothers and even the side character are supper cute[害羞][開心][害羞][開心], but the story in the events recently does not made me please enough[難過], and also, I want to kiss Asmo too, please let's me kiss him next event or something[大哭][大哭]

Love the touken danshi so much[色色][色色], love their voice[開心][開心], the event very exiting althought it sometime made me so mad[大哭][大哭] too much koban

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3 more My precious boy, love you
3 more and all the Mammon card I get untill now will complete bloom[厲害][厲害]
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