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I'm a Mina-stan ~
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I'm a Mina-stan ~
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Note. You can skip this review as it's only a person opinion for me, as a fan of the anime itself. :)

I can say that this is perfect for me despite being in JP Server as one of the people that have read the manga, watched the anime both original and brotherhood, now I'm looking forward for the next part of their movie.

It's literally easy to understand and you know what's going on with the story even just by watching it.
But with the bonus of additional extra side story those are one of that I don't have any idea so I don't understand but it's still a good addition, nevertheless.

This is one of the best anime game. Good job and keep it up. Never stop being generous with your playerbase.

It feels like there's no people at Sea Server. XD

Little Dungeon


The graphics is fine as I love Pixel Games. It's just a matter of whether it got your interest or not.
I love the gameplay. Grindy yes but it's fine with me and what it needs is a Saving Feature. So, it's worth grinding. :) It's a good game, you see. I wish to see the save feature in this game.

Gameplay easy, repetitive but it's easy to understand. There's no IAP.

More improvements is needed ~

The Spirit Of Wolf


Haha. To be honest this game is quite good. I like how simple it is from the quality and the gameplay.

Since this is just a new game there'll always be a room for improvement and I wish the service is going to be good for the game to stay.

It needs improvement for now for the players to enjoy it. This is a stamina based and the flaw of the game lies on it. Kinda annoying. XD

The Devs needs to ask for community suggestion for them to improve this and polish it. So, good luck.

Revived Witch | English


It's indeed perfect. A very type of gameplay that's not for everyone yet it can make anyone got hook in the game especially if they are real gamer and fan of vintage/classic console games.

Collaboration of SNK and YOSTAR. What an amazing combo. I love it. Seems like we will be expecting future collaboration from both, I really can't wait for that. (Talking about SNK and Yostar Games aside from this)

They should released an albums for this games OSTs. I would love to get them ~ 🎶🎶

Any newbie that wants to use Invitation Code. Please use mine. Thank you so much.


The Darkest Tower Defense


For an offline game, this is good. It's interactive if you want something like that -- this one is for you.

Tho the control needs to be more smoother. Minimized the resolution. Make it a little brighter, not everyone plays with high brightness on their phone tho.

not bad ~ keep up the good work.

Blue Archive | Global


Let's not be stingy putting low rating of reviews just because it's Nexon. Play and enjoy things for now -- do be stingy later on if they don't do their job. So, good luck being a whiny kid.

I'm quite praying for the JP version to have the Global and now we have it. I'm indeed thankful. A good playerbase / community is what makes a game good, so let's do our best. It's up to Nexon later on if they're going to be an a*s even having good community.

The game for now needs stability and more optimized. Good luck and let's play together. Looking forward to this game, I wish my phone will be able to handle future updates. Haha. Sucks to be poor, sorry about that.

For everyone experiencing slow install and hanging up either restart your phone or just wait for it. Patience is the key, you see. So, good luck and don't be a shjt until you tried it. :3 Let's play. Add me up, IGN: Myrne.

Nice! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Animal Wizard


Now, look at what we have here. It has storyline, cute characters and upgrade features that will make busy grinding.

This is a game if you want something to play to kill time and chill.

For the fans of MS, you should play this too. It's quite enjoyable man ~ ;') Don't expect too much, the disappointment will be your own fault.

I feel like I wanna stay here and play more ~ Nice ! [開心]

PS: Oh, man. This is awesome. This game is a collaboration from the game Magic Survival ~ I love it more.

Magic Dungeon


Haha. I'm loving the game. I played a game in portrait that similar to this that's why I'm familiar on how to play despite the game being in Korean.

I wish someone help to translate everything even just for a screenshot for guideline use because this game is really fun.
it'll be a big help to understand every feature and to have more players to play the game with us.

gudetama tap!


tot it was on english tho :( sad.

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Come on. This need to have an English Language. Lmao. Read Note
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