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I played Random stuff, expect me to pop out anywhere~~
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I played Random stuff, expect me to pop out anywhere~~
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Kemono Friends:Kingdom


Finally something that isn't your generic cash grab turn based rpg that ive seen every single day, its not one of a kind of course but it still way better than any newly released game that i see everytime.

Based on a week that I've been playing , The game had a charming list of characters , great voice (albeit it does get repetitive like every mobile game ever), and most of all the angry bird x rpg like gameplay, i must say i like it a lot especially when i hit those juicy cerulean core then dealt like million dmg (not really), game is extremely generous aswell since it just give you alot of currency and resources right of the bat , a guaranteed 6 star after you finish ch0-10 which essentially is the tutorial and a bunch of ticket after every 5 stage , sadly qooapp version had a really rough reroll pathing so probably just settle for a decent ish account if you couldn't bother less.

That's probably it i guess, other than the fact that every girl here is a kemonomimi, if you liked the series this game is definitely for you, if not? probably still for you as well, since game do guide you on whats this and what not based on the mainline series with the exception that the old mc get replaced by you the player, welp thats probably the summary of the game i like blabbering about a game that i enjoy and thanks for reading if you even still here, good luck on the gacha~

Tldr : Cute kemonomimi game with great gameplay and generous reward.



Great game with amazing character and storyline, really easy to get great character from gacha considering how generous they are.

Tho i must say the global version have been very hit on miss on the bug and connection issues, some had a really bad disconnection problem while some having just some minor issues like raid loading slowly.

Also just to add to the fact that the global version of the game look pretty rushed, i enjoyed the game as of now but I don't know how long i would stay in this server if they decided to mess up the game balance.

But overall game is great have some interesting waifu, and great storyline (atleast for me) so you should atleast check it out and see for yourself if you enjoy the game or not.

tldr; great game but rushed content and lots of bug on release

Amazing graphics, really clean background music and generous with the in game currency.
Overall a really great game to try if you like similar gameplay like sinoalice or logres.

Pokemon Unite


Probably the most decent ish moba game I've played these days, im not really that much of a pokemon player myself but i surely know some of the big star on it and yet it feel so lacking.

there's alot of connection issues no matter how good or bad my actual signal condition is, its pretty frustrating especially when you're in the middle of a rank match.

character design wise i pretty like it th design is nice and simple and you can also bought costume for free, pokemon cosmetics wise its not the worse

overall a pretty good game if you like moba and enjoy pokemon franchise.

It's your generic turnbased mobile game based on a popular series, which is mushoku tensei for this one.

I couldn't really say anything about it considering how generic it is,you had the turn base system the 2 skill per character,their own passive ,etc

I cant get myself to continue the game but i can say the game is generous enough since you can just start off with a Ur selection unit right of the bat, so banish the tough to reroll this game.

Overall this game isnt that good or is it that bad,its just on the line of the same repetitive type of turnbase game based on a popular franchise at the moment, i say if you really liked mushoku tensei as a series then you should try this game out, maybe you can enjoy it more than i can do.

Blue Archive | Japanese


One of my favorite time waster, the game had great graphic great music great voice actor's and all of that.
I wont say the game is something revolutionary or anything like that, its just a hot take by yostar on the same genre that they were always in.

That doesn't mean the game is bad or anything tho,i personally enjoyed it way more than any other yostar previous titles.

The game is enjoyable,the character had great personality and design wise, every stage feels new even tough it still had the same formula as every single stage that they had in game (random object that belong to that kind of area is scattered around for hiding spot/nuisance),the gacha is generous enough since the game really like giving you gems as much as possible ,so i dont really see why you would complain much on it (especially since you can just easily reroll within 30 second).

Overall the game is on point, i do see some people feel slightly uncomfortable with the chibi design but i think thats really not that bad of an issue, great game 9/10 would probably waste money on virtual girl again.

Pretty nice game, but knowing that this game has some kind of countdown make me unable to fully enjoy it.
overall its still an okay game,you should check it out if you like your typical turnbased waifu collecting game

(edit): I got an unplayable 5 star unit immediately after i use the gacha ticket,this is honestly the most clunkiest game i ever played, not even tenshura cashgrab game is this bad.
Idk about you but i think i know why this game only have a lifespan of 1 year.
welp that's all if you still feel like playing it, just pray to god you dont get imagi or whoever that samurai girl was.

Guardian Tales | Global


I've tried this game back then because it had a charming pixel style and a really great storyline , but honestly i didn't expect much from it since i was just trying to search for a game similar to tloz.

Now I'm honestly hooked into it, the game is generous the plot got darker everything progress,and it even got a coop mode now.

I cant really express how much i like this game,but one thing for sure is i can see myself enjoying it for a long time

I dont really know what to expect, i have this game for like 3 years and i can only enjoy it these day since the game got bigger and easier to do something....overall its an okay game nothing too good or anything just okay

#COMPASS | Japanese


to start it off, this game main attraction is all of the iconic character from other video game's (Sol, Dizzy, etc) and anime (Rem, Gilgamesh, etc) they all of them get their own unique gameplay, stats, voice line heck even their iconic skill from their respective franchise.there's also all the original character from the compass itself they all had their own characteristics that'll make you love them, this game is a 10/10 game so far that i can found, even tough this game have its own downside like bad ranking team match up, no actual chat function between friend's, and the most annoying yet the one that make this game lovable aswell, its "gacha" but dont feel disappointed most gacha game always give their banner rate so low that you cant never get them unless you spend those cash, this game gacha rate is so forgiving as heck (25% rate per collab hero) the card pull always give you guaranteed Ur aswell (well its not guaranteed featured card but still ok right).I cant type more so bye2

The game itself is really great there's alot of historical character that you may know or already heard (except most arent historically correct on gender wise) for gameplay its a really solid rpg considering how old this franchise already is the game have a lot of good Va, amazing soundtrack and a lot of great character design as a game this already would've been a great 10/10 game to play on mobile device, but of course there would be a Con on any game why wouldn't there be any... anyway the con is too obvious its the "Gacha system" that we should already know...isnt that forgiving on most part but eh the game itself is geat you can try to pull the gacha and test your luck on it but most low star servant here already can make you go so far, so unless you really like the character on the gacha banner you don't really have to pull for it. and that's should be it i guess... i might've been gone overboard but its just what i always do on these kind of review cheer's~

Back at Global days this game was my only entertainment on my phone got a lot of friends from the same country and from the other country it was such a good experience,but yeah Global ded now.
I still think about some of my friends there,so i tought i should play JP so maybe i can meet them again but yeah its not working they already stop playing this game,but for me i think im still gonna be in here for a while looking for better game.

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