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Arknights | English


I liked how they make lower-rarity unit relevant instead of turning the game into trophy collection simulator, it's a bit too grindy though.

Mario Kart Tour


The gameplay itself is fine, control could use some improvement. Player progression/system is crap, stalled multiplayer mode make the game even more undesirable atm.



It's really lacking.

Logres Stories


Graphic were okay but character customization could be better since the game is now in 3D. Gameplay is akin to the old Logres with slight changes all over the places, though the animation is more lacking in this one.
The game did not give you premium gacha currency so your real means to obtain weapon collection is through coin gacha, ticket is quite hard to come by as well.
Also, the gacha rate is crap.

Bullet Break


The game give you a 10-roll unlimited pull ticket that guarantee at least 1 *4 or higher rarity where you can reroll if you didn't like with what you get and give you enough gacha currency to pull additional 20 times + 1 ticket from mission that will clear right away.
But the gacha is cluttered with frame, it's basically just like an equip for your chara.
The gameplay is pretty standard slingshot but instead of shoting bullets, marble or stone you're shooting girls, cats, dog or whatever is in your party.

Control is kind of awkward, battle system felt kinda unnecessarily gimped down especially the short range combat system.
Gacha system is kind of mess since they just throw bunch of parts into the same banner, so it's really easy to get absolutely nothing good out of it. Stamina system is very restrictive with very low limit, even if you leveled up you can exhaust all of it really easily in under 15 mins only by doing daily mission...
I really love how they let you customize your gundam though, it would be really fun if not because of the employeed gacha system.

Kinda fun but RNG might make some level felt trivial.

Net Mahjong Mobile


The commentators really fired me up, it even support offline mode & some assist feature that might be useful for beginners.

Graphic is superb with wide variety of settings, character model and stage scene look really good. However, I feel that the songlist is kinda weak, for now. Let's hope they put a lot of great stuff in the near future, this game definitely have great amount of potential to it.



Stop adding bloated features that no one never ask.

Grimms Echoes | Japanese


This game looked great & play somewhat similar to traditional RPG with exploration & dungeon crawling rather than traditional menu-based mobile games, but it's very laggy on my phone sadly.

The game recommend Android 7 phone with 3GB RAM, and there's no option to adjust graphic quality. If you're lagging, there's no helping it other than getting better phone. The game works with latest version of Nox app player now, although it's very laggy.

Game of Dice


Probably the best-looking monopoly game out there, relatively fast-paced gameplay, but it's unfortunately P2W-heavy, kind of ironic.

The Epic of Hero


Simple gameplay, pretty generous gacha rate & premium currency is given out constantly. It even allow me to buy stuff without JP Google ID.
Good soundtrack & pretty smooth chibi animations.

Azur Lane | English


Surprisingly not cashgrab game and not censored at all, publisher really have guts to do this.

Chip rate is crappy...

Abyss Horizon | Japanese


Potentialy great but constant cutins breaking the game pace, control is not responsive and control layout could use some improvement.

Fair gacha rate, constant free stuff and a lot of costumes to collect is great!
Also VR bath house and soon VR changing room, hmm...
You can play this game comfortably on your PC by using AndApp, but you will unable to fully access VR function in trade of better graphic & more consistent framerate.

SR chance: 4,5% for limited gacha - 3,0% for permanent gacha
Each limited gacha give you free pulls, during special occasion such as character's birthday more free pulls will be given.
There also special occassion where they let you to choose any card you want from pre-set pool, this will greatly help to enhance your collection.

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