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Everything in this game is so unique. The gameplay, the music, the characters designs,... The only bad thing is the gacha rate. Maybe not my lucky day. Bye bye my 12k daiyas and with 4 star and no 5 star. Bye bye this game :(

My phone can afford with other rhythm games but not this one. Too laggy, it's even unresponsive to the easy mode. Too bad, time wasting.

Both boring and interesting. Can comeback whenever you want. Good game to spend your spare time. And of course, the Touken Danshi are really cute and handsome (ӦvӦ。)

Ikemen plus bishoujo, who doesn't like? Great graphics with Live 2D (although there are still some artificial actions) Soft and peaceful BGM, very great seiyuu,... It could make you eargasm. I actually don't understand most of the storyline but it's pretty enjoyable. The gameplay is simple but not too boring. And yeh, it takes about 1.3GB in my storage, still okay I think.

Btw, Tokiwa is my babe lol.

First thing I've to say that graphics of this game is absolutely marvelous! Even though there is a lot of characters but each of their 4-5-star cards is detailed and beautiful. I personally can't find out my least favourite cards due to these beauties. But the worst part of this game is itself gameplay. It maybe suitable for those who have to work while playing game, but not at all. You still have to pay 40% of your attention to this game and this makes me distracted. But when you 100% pay attention to this one, you will immediately find boring, at least with me. But why the hell I can't stop tapping my screen lol.

Storyline is not so good but acceptable. There was too many dramas by making a fuss and somehow makes no sense. But I can forgive this because almost Japanese games I played have the same problem. By the way, although they have been creating a lot of stories but they're pretty creative I think.

The music is great. This is an idol game, of course the music should be the best part of this. After listening to game's songs, you will absolutely find out at least 2 songs that you really like it. I'll recommend Knights and Valkyrie to you guys who still haven't listen to game's songs.

Overall, I like this game and still look forward to the next version. Recommend this game to everyone who believe yourself lucky (or a lot of money lol) and doesn't have a lot of freetime. It may be tough at early game but the fandom wikia will help you. Good luck guys!

Tapping forever!

Tsukino Paradise


Most exciting rymth game ever. It may look easy, but when you play, it becomes extremely hard (the rythms go up and down could make you crazy)

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