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not bad but not the best. will still keep playing though

Dr.STONE Battle Craft


這遊戲遲早會倒 不過看見喜歡的角色我已滿足

Shoujo Kaisen | Japanese



cute and fun casual game. it's not really hard or anything so i had a great time! there's a little surprise at the last round

amazing gameplay! now i can take my mind off s3

spring leaves no flowers


another amazing game!! just as the last two, it conveys a message, this time about asexuality/being aromantic. a very sweet and short story, good job!!

im glad they added the other schools to the game to make the storyline more interesting, unlike the anime where they mainly focus on Hikari and Karen. the rates are still okay, since 3☆ cards can be useful. the game isn't really pay to win, since it really requires lots of grinding, though they do offer nice packages with good prices

Anime pleas when im pretty sure this game has enough popularity to get an anime

Idol Girls


actually pretty nice if you're a fan of producing games, you don't need to actually spend money for 5☆s, but I do agree they could add voicing and animations, and maybe a main storyline

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