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Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


its a great game by 5/5 but plss give it a chance to be able to get God Kiana at least in fragment with samsara or something in the shop, wew ive returned playing but... is it too late, i really want that Kiana, by means of questing thou... id like to bet my gacha on equips n stigmas not on valkyria, so plss make it possible to get God Kiana in samsara quest or fragment on shop

Thanks Mihoyo

Yukina and Ran are my favorite Vocals but if i make my best band
1.Yukina as vocal, she really sounds like Nana Mizuki in her late 20s but kinda missing some high note, I know because im a Nana Mizuki fan, Gothica and Post Rock hahaha
2. Ran as lead guitar and second vocal... i like her seiyuu very much... the super lovely Ayaneru
Suki desu... oyome ni hoshii wa
3. Risa for bass... her former band artist is super good but she quit because of some issue... still i like for Yukina's bassist
4. as for the pianist or keyboardist its Eve-desu boshido is cool and i like her guitar shaped keyboard
5. Saaya for my drummer "Saaya" "Saaya" i like it when Kasumi call out her name its kinda exciting hahaha, btw i also like Saaya's seiyuu i mean i havae a crush on her hahaha, Ayaka-chaaaaan.

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