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Quang Linh Tran 16793927

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I really really like this game, I love BanG Dream❤



I like this game, but the game still has many errors. I hope producer will fix it, the game has a lot of potential.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


This game is very good, I used to play the Taiwan version and it's good.It's just my phone isn't strong enough to play full graphics but basically I love this game and the graphics not important to me.I hope Mihoyo will create more and more interesting game

I think this is the good game.The gameplay is nothing special but I still love this game,also I really like this anime .I hope in the future there will be more interesting games.

Mega Miracle Force


According to my feelings,this game is good.Gameplay is simple,not too fussy.,things other than gameplay is good.I wish Compile Heart will make more of nice game on Android/iOS(Focus on Neptunia series).

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Hi everyone, I login ID and password, then this one appear? Read Note
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