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good escape game! some episode requires basic japanese knowledge, but overall it's not that hard (and they even provide hints + answer feature in case we're stuck [開心]). The story is great! Kinda curious with their face but even this is enough[大哭]💕

good escape game with good mini stories[開心]

perfect! Both the part 1 and 2 are good! the stories are touching [大哭][大哭] tbh the bad part is that there is no english translation for asobi gokoro's games,, even though they're so good..![不滿]
(ps. even if the game screenshots didnt feature any human character images, the game actually tells about the 'people who are lost'.. there are good looking guys too in the game, trust me [哇噻][色色]!)

it's good! kinda short but there's a plot..! The train setting kinda reminds me of Agatha Christie's stories so it gives the nostalgic and classic feels[賣萌]

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