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Arknights | English


one of the best games i have played.

units are simple to understand, but unique enough to distinguish themselves in your squad.

stages have amazing replayability as you can always redo your automated set-up to either optimize it or make the clear in a fun way using special units

story is a bit dark, but is worth the read.

game characters cater to all viewers with their quality, you will love both the guys and the gals.

game is generous with resources, rates are relatively high, easy to f2p.

if you like it enough to support the devs, the prices are the lowest i have seen across many games and they have a monthly card, starter packs, monthly packs, and limited packs for certain events and celebrations.

Dragalia Lost


it ridiculously addicting, doesn't get boring, and easy generous to old players and newcomers alike.

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#GAME_OF_MARCH for this month it has to be arknights. i was hesitant to get into a tower defense game, but after playing it for a bit i realized i got addicted. the characters are fun, the story is good, and you can very easily get everything as a f2p. Read Note
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