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Vampire Survivors


long time since I got this addicted on a mobile game, superp music and enthralling gameplay!

Genshin Impact


I love this game dont mind the 1 star review im just pissed off at the ''anniversary'' event

Nothing impressive, there are many games out there with the same genre that provides better graphics and more interactive gameplay than this.
Plus devs need to work out the bugs and lag issues, it just feels too clunky, even on high end devices.

Currently, the game is in open beta test until May 19th and it looks very promising!

It's a new and different style card game and the AI is very interesting and they are no joke!

But since every card is available and there is no in app purchases at the moment, i wont be able to determine how the gacha rates will be and how expensive the premium currency gonna be when the game officially launches.

**Keep in mind the data will be wiped when the open beta ends, but this is an opportunity to test out many decks since you have all the cards and get a feeling for the game!

Monster Strike | Japanese


One of the classics, this game will never get old, its so unique and challenging and fun!

GrandChase | Global


I used to love this game, it had the whole package, fun gameplay, interesting story, lots of contents and cool soundtracks.

BUT i will not deny that it's really p2w heavy by the time you reach the endgame, plus it uses the infamous DUPE system..

Although i will still recommend that you give it a try and enjoy the unique gameplay and story!

This kind of gameplay is nothing new, it plays like many games before it, although with a bit more improved graphics.



Very fun and addicting 4v4 action packed game!

The gameplay is new and refreshing, many different characters with very different styles to test out.

An MMORPG title that doesn't bring anything new to the field.

The game focuses alot on auto-play, graphics are ok.

It's worth a try if you like mmorpg games, but nothing is innovative here.

World Flipper | Japanese


A different and fun pinball style game!
The coop mode is a nice addition too
Would love to see this game get adopted for ENG release

Superb graphics, nice turn-based gameplay and the storytelling is good.
But the grind can be heavy and its not really f2p friendly for those who plan to play it competitively.

Perfect game for fans of the Fate series, very story heavy and big emphasis on the characters story and personalities.
Although the gameplay is medicore but that can be subjective.
For f2p players the game can be cleared with free characters, but for those who plan to collect em' all then be prepared to dive into hell, the gacha rates in this game is scary indeed..

Arknights | English


Fun tower defence game that will require you to strategize and use your brain, and the main story is interesting.
But the game really is in need of some QoL updates.

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