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low-key promoting underrecognized jp games while thinking why can't I just get into a popular game like a normal person
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low-key promoting underrecognized jp games while thinking why can't I just get into a popular game like a normal person
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- For anyone who has trouble open the game, change your timezone to Japan (GMT+9:00)on your phone setting
- This is a collectible card game with no English option. Not understanding Japanese means not knowing what happened on screen 80% of times

Online-collectible card game where both player can see opponent's hand and can only play 1 card per turn. Rock-paper-scissor dynamic comes from 3 type of cards, defender, attacker, charger resulted in engaging, fast-paced battle.
The game feels pretty well made given it is literally made 2 people using free assets. UI is clean and easy to navigate with a minimal load time. Art however felt random as they're from a free asset website. The same goes to sound and music. If you've been playing a lot of jp indie games, you're bond to recognize some art/music here. Story is just a prologue before tutorial and a little bit on vs.cpu mode. They don't even have a flavor text for their cards.
While I adore the gameplay, the balance is questionable as some legendary cards are very strong (there're already players reported using the same deck over and over up to the top). Developers need to work on balance if they aim to run this game for another years.
With all up and down sides, I totally recommend this to any card game lover looking for a new twist in card game on mobile-genre. Just don't expect a deep lore or exceptional art/music. It's a fun little indie game with interesting idea. Nothing more and nothing less :D

Ast Memoria


This is the memorial version for Ast Memoria, RPG game that closed month ago. This version doesn't have a gameplay, only story, character gallery, and art gallery made for fans who want to look back at the game they can no longer acess.
Can't really rate the game when it isn't a game in the first place and the story is still incomplete (unless you're fine with the story ended at arc 1 with unfinished arc 2 as an extra). The app itself is lightweight and works well so I'll put on rating based on that alone.

Sevens Story


Light-hearted, lightweight tactical rpg with cutes 3d characters. Character customization via accessory is interesting if maxing out stuff is your thing. Dev also keeps pushing a new idea every now and then. Highly recommend for casual and semi-serious play.[微笑]

Fast paced rts where you have to care about where your resource comes from. The app itself is very lightweight and responsive. I'm not getting into it deep enough to comment on meta. The problem as I can see is game doesn't have many players that I feel like being matched with cpu most of times. I'm never a fan of Guild system and this game doesn't change my mind. Overall nice little game with uncertain future. If you liked Crash Royale but feels like it missing something, give this game a try.

Epic Seven


Great animation and production value but somehow gets old fast. Worth playing just to see how its looks.

Tohst (Doujin Game)


Free little Gacha / Characters collector game that you can play offline. Good stuff.

Megido 72


Edited after months of playing (since 2018 Aug) and QooApp finally allows editing a review via browser(Thanks QooApp!). This is JRPG with battle system inspired by trading card game (there's PVP mode for time-killing). The characters (with Solomon's Goetic demons theme) are very varied in both appearances(human and 'demon' form), personality, and playstyle. All start from 1-star and can be evolved to 6-star. So you get to choose who to evolve based on their ability rather than rarities. Even story units can hold their own ground. The same goes to the event freebies.

Non-chibi 3D models are well-made (some motions are really fun to look at). Music is great. You get to hear at least 1 new track or new remixed version every month :D

Recommend to anyone who loves TCG/RPG hybrid. The downside is you need the Japanese language knowledge (or some sort of JRPG gamer's memory) given the game's complexity. the system UI can use more work (they're improving) and character design can feel old-fashioned(says, 90's shounen manga). I still can't excuse the main protagonist's outfit but the game is fun enough for you to look past that (and get used to it, sort of). They're also not shy away from showing some disturbing graphic violence (self-stabbing is one of the mildest examples). They were done in a somewhat artistic way (no gore) but unsettlingness can be too much for a sensitive person. Rates aren't really bad (unit rates are normally 5% and boosted to 10% in Sabbath banner) but you don't get to roll much often (especially after finishing main story chapter3). In your unluckiest month, the event freebie will be the only new unit you'll get.

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