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low-key promoting underrecognized jp games while thinking why can't I just get into a popular game like a normal person
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low-key promoting underrecognized jp games while thinking why can't I just get into a popular game like a normal person
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Go Go! Jump Cat


Endless runners (in this case, hopper/jumper) are always one of the top picks when it comes to time-killing or daily focus/reflex exercise. Jump Cat is nothing different than other games of its kind but provide you with a very clean graphic with enough chill flavor...and Ponos' trademark weird cats. While I wish there's some kind of backup since I hate to lose my progress when changing a phone, maybe that's the price to pay for not having microtransaction (It sucks that we have to choose, but I prefer one less microtransaction game on my phone). If you can ignore a mission prompt asking you to 'do better', it's very chill and refereshing little game.
Note: Don't get me wrong. Completing a mission can be satisfying and you do wonder when you did something seemingly impossible. But depend on mood, I'd like to just relax and hide anything that could cause stress away.

Unknown Bride


TL;dr Can't recommend it unless you're unfortunate enough to like the game's feel. But getting used to the downsides is possible and it's actually a chill and low-investment game once you can drop an argue to get highest rarity from every banner. It's okay if you want to jump in just to try it but if you're going to reroll, wait until they improve beginner freebies (since pre-registered campaign just ended) or at least until Lilith returns (she isn't in the pool right now).

Coming from GoetiaX and having tried Kakuriyo, I have some idea of what to expect. Unknown Bride certainly looks and feels like its older sister but that's quite deceptive since it plays differently.

In GoetiaX all you need to care about is their skillset synergy and LB(ultimate move) timing. Here with in-battle decision being taken away, you need to think about positioning, baiting damage away from your dps and land your attack on enemy's. If anything it's more comparable to Brown Dust. This is where the combat failed to deliver, for the game that victory has been dicided since you're done positioning, the battle plays VERY SLOWLY. 1.5x makes story and free quest battles bearable but when you want to farm it's kind of painful and in co-op raid you don't even have that 1.5x so it goes past painful to being torturous. The saving grace is the existence of ocriana(that allows you to skip the fight) and survey (immediately consume stamina and wait for them to return with stage drops). UI looks clean. Raising each units to higher rank feel satisfying as expect from Appirits mobile game. Can't comment on gifting/bride system since I'm not there yet (require player rank20), just know they exist.
There's shard system to raise character's star but that's ignorable unless you can get them from the event (please make farming less painful).

Character arts are taken straight from their older title (Alfheim) but the art itself is good and some even get their voice acting/Live2D. Gacha is eh? They keep moving units in and out of the pool with each banner rotation so you need to check the list to be sure (because you can't expect all "non-limited" units to be in the ool like most games out there). They also changed the system around getting SSR from 50rolls for chance to get one to 200 rolls to trade them from the shop. The fact that most changes were made with next to no pre-explanation and lacks of interaction between dev and players (I'm actively on jp tiwtter) make it hard to recommend investing your income on this game. PVP just...exists. Set it to auto for daily task and enjoy some increase in rank every one in awhile. Story is as interesting as mmorpg-like game's darker spin-off. Mood is dark, but not to the point of grim dark thanks to your demon companions. The prologue was spooky. warning: scary clown. Spelvia is best girl shame that you can't have her on home screen despite being your advisor a whole time.

Overall very chill game as expected from Appirits. Its future is however...looks very grim because devs are so out-of-sync with player community. Can't recommend it unless you're really like a demon girls. Will stick around just to raise all units while hoping some improvement will come.



- For anyone who has trouble open the game, change your timezone to Japan (GMT+9:00)on your phone setting
- This is a collectible card game with no English option. Not understanding Japanese means not knowing what happened on screen 80% of times

Online-collectible card game where both player can see opponent's hand and can only play 1 card per turn. Rock-paper-scissor dynamic comes from 3 type of cards, defender, attacker, charger resulted in engaging, fast-paced battle.
The game feels pretty well made given it is literally made 2 people using free assets. UI is clean and easy to navigate with a minimal load time. Art however felt random as they're from a free asset website. The same goes to sound and music. If you've been playing a lot of jp indie games, you're bond to recognize some art/music here. Story is just a prologue before tutorial and a little bit on vs.cpu mode. They don't even have a flavor text for their cards.
While I adore the gameplay, the balance is questionable as some legendary cards are very strong (there're already players reported using the same deck over and over up to the top). Developers need to work on balance if they aim to run this game for another years.
With all up and down sides, I totally recommend this to any card game lover looking for a new twist in card game on mobile-genre. Just don't expect a deep lore or exceptional art/music. It's a fun little indie game with interesting idea. Nothing more and nothing less :D

Ast Memoria


This is the memorial version for Ast Memoria, RPG game that closed month ago. This version doesn't have a gameplay, only story, character gallery, and art gallery made for fans who want to look back at the game they can no longer acess.
Can't really rate the game when it isn't a game in the first place and the story is still incomplete (unless you're fine with the story ended at arc 1 with unfinished arc 2 as an extra). The app itself is lightweight and works well so I'll put on rating based on that alone.

Sevens Story


Light-hearted, lightweight tactical rpg with cutes 3d characters. Character customization via accessory is interesting if maxing out stuff is your thing. Dev also keeps pushing a new idea every now and then. Highly recommend for casual and semi-serious play.[微笑]

Fast paced rts where you have to care about where your resource comes from. The app itself is very lightweight and responsive. I'm not getting into it deep enough to comment on meta. The problem as I can see is game doesn't have many players that I feel like being matched with cpu most of times. I'm never a fan of Guild system and this game doesn't change my mind. Overall nice little game with uncertain future. If you liked Crash Royale but feels like it missing something, give this game a try.

Epic Seven | Global


Great animation and production value but somehow gets old fast. Worth playing just to see how it looks.

Edited after finishing the first arc: This game is certainly has more to offer than its look. I ended up liking the main cast than I wanted to which kind of hurt since the finale completely failed to deliver that I couldn't care about the sequal or side-story. Guild system being forced and PvP shoved into dailies only help driving me away from the game. Sad reality.

Tohst (Doujin Game)


Free little Gacha / Characters collector game that you can play offline. Good stuff.

Megido 72


Edited: It's 2022! A lot has happened since then so I'll try update stuff while making the review more readable. Yes I'm still playing the game :3

Last 2 years summary: (TL;dr: More freebies for starters, more challenge for veterans, most restriction are lifted and it's easier to enjoy this game casually now.)We got more endgame content, character rework and customization(through accessories), extra lv uncap(nothing too broken), meta didn't jumped as much as 2~3rd year but more focused on variations and flavor, story keeps getting stronger (and...more gritty, not always a good thing), more useful continue system when you just want to read the story.
Also new players starting now might get overwhelmed by amount of the contents but also get more access to free character through permanent events and constant stamina/skip tickets giveaway.

Now for the actual review:
- It's RPG/Card game hybrid. You and opponent will take turn picking a 'photon' which allows you to attack, use skill, or charge energy based on photon type and character's attribute corresponding to it. Those without card game background will have a higher learning curve but it's not that complicated
- Raising characters is challenging when you still have a lot to unlock but that gets faster as your base team gets stronger
- Story is about A boy met his companion then his village burned down and he set for revenge then things get bigger and more complicated. It feels pretty much like 90s shounen where characters aren't always brooding and very straightforward but something underground happens every once in awhile. I mean We got a burned, dismembered, rotten living human for 2021 new year event...but also muscle festival in 2021 September complete with a song (Search "筋肉Fire!")...I can't summarize it. Writing in this game is just too wild.
- It gets more wild if you're following thier activities on Twitter...Fun stuff though
- Music is remarkable. The composer (Yorisaki Ryo) and sound team really works hard on putting some new tracks monthly. Nice vocal tracks can be found too. They're available for listening on their gallery site here (
- Characters are the main charm of this game. All playable units has two forms, human-like vita and demon-like megido. If you're sucker for duality or "gap-moe" this game is probably your thing.
- Some character are easy to handle than other, somes outright powerful (among both free and gacha). But it's the better and more fun to have varied characters
- Aside from gacha, you consistently get a new recruit from event so you can enjoy having more characters as you play the game (motion team put just as much on freebies as gacha ones)
- Game quality is weird. In one hand you get a nicely rendered 3D character (focused on characterization and realism while still being 'anime' enough), some motions are stunning and fun to watch. In the other hand UI is not the easiest to navigate and you can mistapped a lot. Thanksfully this get improved gradually since the game launch so we can trust the dev to make thing better
- Gacha rate is 5% for characters for standard pickup banner and 10% for "Sabbath" (used to be a monthly stuff but not always the case now). Pickup rate is not that good but it's game where most if not all units are useful (ymmvh)
- Aside from character rate, Sabbath also feature 'Terminus'(aka. Limited character). They don't present in standard pickup unless the banner said so
- There's Matsuri summon with more focused pickup rate. It's "die for your fave" kind of banner.
- There's a spark where you can choose any pickup units (and any terminus if it's sabbath). Ceiling is quite high and not quite an ideal to aim for.
- I don't know what to write from this point le'ts just say my Icon is a character called Lilim. She's available on permanent event so go get her. Thank you very much.

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