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Have you ever dreamed about going to a new world? One that can meet every fantasy you'll ever think of? Probably most of us do and that means you want to be on an isekai or to be " isekai'd ".

The ISEKAI app won't let you realize this dream of yours. Kind of a bummer isn't it? [怪笑] But hey! This app let's you talk or "interact" with popular characters on the isekai genre published by Kadokawa which kinda makes you feel closer being isekai'd? I don't know. Up to you to imagine that. [厲害]

Let's get this straight and fast since I'm more into game reviews.

The graphics? Looks good and hand drawn despite it being 3D. You call this cel shaded style and it's really good. I must say that Raphtalia and Megumin looks like their anime counterparts here.

Functions. Nothing much really. The app is not built to let you play with it. It's good for some entertainment for minutes and you'll probably get bored with it. But don't get me wrong, the app is designed to let you feel some interaction with your probably favorite characters.
Talk with them, tap them [厲害], set a timer, an alarm, make them count, dress them up, and probably will be more to come as long as you're willing to pay for the content! [開心]

Characters. The popular choices, Megumin and Raphtalia.
No qualms about them really as I've said on the graphics part, they look good.

Now for the negatives. At least let me have a choice on the subtitles. [大哭] I get it! Devs need pay for living and we all know that but I still kind of hope that subtitles are free.
Also the UI? I don't know, the UI feels really dated. Probably a redesign would look nice on this. Make the icons look sharper and cleaner.

And that's it! ISEKAI app. An app not for everyone but for the ones that wants a chance to interact with their favorite characters as long as they want to pay some of the extra interactions. [害羞]



Dating Sims... I used to play plenty of these when I was really small but it seems that this game is kind of different on what I've had before. I'm guessing that it is because the game is made from Japan and hence the difference in takes but I might also be wrong.

Anyway, since I can't read anything from this game, (I forgot what I've learned on my JP class already [大哭]) I will just based my rating on what does this game trying to achieve.

The game was made a dating sim but also an advertisement for the idol group presented on this game and objectively, it doesn't fail there. Why? Because for some reason I really find the girls on this game really cute. Some also really appeals more to me but don't get me wrong, they are really all cute looking.

As a dating sim, the game overall feels like a visual novel kinda like what you're gonna see on Bandori. Read the story and you're gonna get gems and stuff. Read these character event stuff and your also gonna get gems.
So many things to read yet I can't read them. [開心]

But Sei, it's for the Japanese audience. [發困]

Oh? Kid! You're awake now. [不滿]

Well, yes, it's for JP audience and I don't really mind if I can't read them. Let's just discuss the other stuff on the game, ok?
As I've said, the game is also an advertisement and to advertise the idol group, players are able to collect portraits of the members. Different kinds with different rarities which if you're a fan of the group, you might be really hooked or pay for the character portraits. How do you get these portraits? By doing gacha! [厲害] We should already know gachas by now and should not be discussed.

But Sei, if we're just collecting portraits wouldn't that be just boring?

Well, if you're not a fan, it probably would be. Plus some of it are locked behind a paywall so non-fans might not get interested for a long time. But you see, it gives people engagement on the game! You see these cute idols on different settings and poses are quite a delight and I would say that it really adds up to the imagination of whatever it is the players of the game will do. [厲害]

Ok, I kind of understand what you're pointing out Sei but is there anything you can do on this game besides story reading and doing gachas?

Oh yes! You see, the game is a dating sim and on dating sims, you somehow need to up the approval rating of the girls to you. It can be sometimes represented by heart with number level or number of hearts up to 5. On this game you get to level up the heart. And as you level it up you get to unlock more story stuff about love with the certain character that gets deeper as you unlock each of the story. Well, that is at least the impression that I'm getting from it.

How do you level them up Sei?

Well, aside from the character level itself that you get to up with some colored gems like on bandori, the heart level goes up when fighting.

They fight on this game?! [驚訝]

Haha! Kinda? [鬼臉] The game have this quest mode where it kinda feels like they have HP and super gauges that lets the members do certain things for effects just like Princess Connect but instead of seeing attacks and buffing action stuff, you will just get some cute reactions and portraits from the members. You will also have somekind of oreimo visual novel feel on the supers/effect stuff because you have to make choices on them before they do something and seems like your choices also do give different effects and reactions which really works on showing how cute the game is. Is the action lackluster? Yes, but it is not made to be flashy and you have to remember that it's made to be cute and it works well there.

So, what are your notes on this game Sei?

For me, the game is for people that likes visual novel and dating sims that can also tolerate gachas. It will also be better for people that are fans of this idol group. But on my playtime? I might not be able to enjoy the story but I sure do enjoy the cute parts. If only there are more on that quest mode aside from the girls' cute reaction and some portrait showing when they're are doing something.
All in all, it's a pass for me. [微笑]

Genshin Impact


Cause he's the
L to the I to the N to the K
Wears tights everyday
Don't give a damn what you say
Got bigger balls than even
Evel Knievel and he ain't
Gonna stop till the world
Is free of evil...

What the fudge Sei?! What is that? [驚訝]

Nothing nothing... Just some Legend of Zelda Rap lyrics from Smosh. [害羞]

What?! [驚訝]

Nothing. You don't know it. You're still young... where we at again today?

Genshin Impact.

I see... Genshin Impact.. Ok! 5/5 Because Paimon.
K. Bye! [開心]

Oi! Review this one properly too! Why are you so lazy these days?! [發火]

Alriiiiighhttt... I'm not lazy, I just kinda hate how editing on qooapp works. Anyway, off to Genshin Impact then. This kid and I just only reached AR15 on the game before we stopped playing the game and the reason is? IT FREAKING CONSUMES THE HELL OUT OF YOUR TIME PLAYING! [發怒]

Now, was that a bad thing? Nope. In fact, the game is so good to play that I might get addicted and drop the games I really play.

But would that make us unqualified to review the game Sei? [大哭]

Not quite kid, you see, we review games objectively as much as possible. We extract what is good and what is bad about it and not based on how unlucky we are on gachas. [厲害] Plus, we have experience with Mihoyo games. [開心]

As I've said, game will consume a lot of your time gaming. If you're into RPGs, good combat system, anime graphics,
and quite good storyline, Genshin Impact will surely appeal to you and as you progress in to the game, the more you will find yourself invested into it.

The elemental attacks that affects the environment, the effects of each elements with other elements, the graphics, the skills, the characters all of them are quite good even you are using the original team is quite good until you've done enough that you will find yourself bored of that team and from here, we will enter the Gacha system.
We always see the gacha system in every mobile game and it's really saturated now. But hey! It works on giving the game developers money! So They'll just keep on trying to produce it.

But what if I don't have money for gacha Sei? [憋屈]

No worries kid, Brother Wei is kind enough to give you events which gives you gems that you can use for gacha and stuff. You really don't need the gacha to survive on this game really but if you're set on not doing gacha at all, you will just have to do everything in an increased difficulty and It's not that bad... Don't believe me? There are youtube videos to prove that it's possible. Going back, the game is very rewarding and you can use that to get yourself some of that 5 star or 4 star characters to help you out. As long as the RNGesus give you what you want and if didn't? Blame Wei [厲害]

As for the story? I can say that if you give it a chance and read all of those cutscenes? It will have you hooked.
The dialogue and how the characters interact with each other is not just exciting at certain parts, but also funny and sweet to read. [賣萌]

Ehe. [開心]

Ehe te nandayo?! [no]

All in all, the game is really fun and will leave you wanting more to keep on playing. The resin part? Energy-based system? Yep, if you're not experienced at these kind of games, you'll really deplete these. Again, and also a warning for someone that might be read this, IT WILL CONSUME YOUR TIME PLAYING. Also, IT WILL REALLY GET YOU HOOKED.

Do I want this to be a full game without microtransactions? I guess it's ok. The game is really good for it to survive in a one time payment scheme.

Do I recommend playing this? Well, if you're not a busy bee like me, then yes. Play the hell out of this game despite it not being the best beginner friendly game but still heed with my warnings about the game. [厲害]

All of them are quite positive Sei, what are your negatives? [不滿]

Well, not much. Since I'm not bothered by gachas and energy-based system (Some might be which is quite subjective [厲害]) all I could say that could affect the gameplay is the optimization of the game on Android. The game can run on 60 FPS most of the time but it could be more stable. This is also for people with lower end phones to play it better. More players, more success and more fun! [開心]

So what is the verdict Sei?

I can say that Genshin Impact is a game that will leave you wanting more. It will be up to you whether to take it as positive or negative but it is a gacha mobile game that is designed to make players spend.
Despite the money-grubbing techniques presented on this game like lolis or waifus, [厲害] the game can still be played with no spending or at least very minimal spending at all.
Oh! I forgot! Husbandos. If you swing that way. [害羞]
Give it a try! Afterall, a game is only good if you try it.

Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE. Right. Another Bandori game.

Okay, bye. [為什麼]

[驚訝][驚訝][驚訝] Oi Sei! Review this properly! [發火]

Alright! Alright! Geez! [汗顏]

Bushiroad. CraftEgg. .... Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! [開心]

Kidding aside, the game is like the first waifu music game from CraftEgg. Same chibi click thingy, same interface style, same gacha to get waifu and get higher scores gameplay.

But Sei, if they're the same, why should we still review this? [大哭]

Well, apparently there are some key differences you can see on this game. Enter Hatsune Miku! [開心] Oh! And of course the other vocaloids that are not relevant if you happen to know only Miku. [厲害]

Did I say same interface style with Bandori? Yes! But the colors have this Hatsune Miku-esque flair into it. Which breathes on it like a fresh air and somehow makes it look a bit cleaner.

Aside from those everything is just like a regular waifu music gacha mobile game that I usually try from Japan.

With and exception of.... Wait for it... HUSBANDOS! Yes!!!![開心] You freaking read that right! Husbandos! And they're not just grouped with just all-male group, they're group on some females as well! This combination, for me, makes it unique. Also a good thing for those fujoshis out there seeking new husbandos to fawn over or create their fantasies of.

Was this a good game Sei?
- I can say yes!

Were the songs good?
- What good? They're awesome! [開心]

How about the gacha?
- As I've said, it seems the same gacha mobile game but this one feels more rewarding for some reason. Maybe you can Do more rolls/pulls on this game than Bandori.

Okay, last one. How is the game play?

- Good question, you see, the game just follows the formula of what seems to work and there is nothing wrong about that. If it's not broken, don't fix it right? Although, for me, There seems to be some subtle tweaks on this game that can be felt different from Bandori. I can tap the notes better and they can be seen better. Everything is good looking and appealing aside from it's performance issues.

Performance issues? I thought it's already good for you?[睡覺]

Right?! It looks appealing and good but it freaking have stuttering issues! [發火]
No MV? Stuttering and some FPS drops.
2D MV? Same.
3D MV? How about don't play this thing?! [發火]

Maybe it's just your phone Sei! [發怒]

*Sighs* You know kid, I bought this new Snapdragon 865 phone so I can stay on top of the games I play. This won't be the issue. I know Android development is quite hard due to devices compatibility but I didn't expect the game to be almost unplayable on with the 3D MV on.

But I'm still hopeful that this game will be fixed and I'm looking forward on playing this again once it's updated and fixed. Before the questions of have I tried checking for fixes? No. But I've tried several stuff like phone restarts and cache clearing. Plus, Genshin runs really fine on this device Why can't this?! [發火]

Anyway, forgetting about the stuttering? It's a very good music game that you might enjoy. Fresh songs, Miku, husbandos, waifus and very nice MVs (Despite me not being able to enjoy it [大哭]) . You name it! This game has it!.
Try! Maybe it supports your phone better than mine. [厲害]

You know what it feels like to be really isekai'd? No? Me neither but at least that's how this game will make you feel. You woke up, snow everywhere, and every step you take, there might be something or someone that will ambush you. Of course you can just beat the hell out of them if you want to. It's their fault anyway. [厲害]

Welcome to the world of Octopath Traveler!

The game is just like any other JRPG you've played if ever you're into those except that it's in 3D! [開心] Oh? It's 2D?!
What?! Both?! [驚訝] Oh yeah! It's both! [哇噻] This is why the game really looks awesome!

Explore the hand-drawn looking 3D-2D world, meet and talk with people (NPCs), Trade stuff with them, practice fighting with them for buffs, meet new people and add them in your team and...

Wait wait wait, hey Sei! you can add any people in your team?! [哇噻]

Sure do kid! But you need the power of the red gem stuff to call people and talk to them 1 by 1 everytime you do! [發火]

You mean this is a gacha? [可憐] And what do you mean by talking to them 1 by 1? [為什麼]

Yes! It's a free to play mobile game. What do you expect? Devs got to have money somehow. You know. [厲害]
Also, yes. You talk with every people you will get on the gacha. So if you pulled 10x, you will need to talk to each of them too! Considering you don't have them yet which is kind of time wasting for me. [發怒]

Anyway... The game is still story-driven which is a bummer for people that can't read the language but you can feel it. The darkness, the emotion of the VA, and how the pixel characters move and react! It's so good that you might really want to play more of this game if only your VPN won't expire! [大哭]

But Sei! There are free VPN apps from the Play Store!

Yes... but it's just also a test on how much progress you can do on 7 days. And based on my playthrough, the game is fairly easy to play but still challenging enough to make you fear of losing. But hey! I defeated a level 11 Giant with my lvl 2 Chibis! [開心]

So if you're looking for an RPG to play on your phone, take a whim on this game! You might like it that you would wish it's not gacha. [厲害]

Pro Baseball Superstars


You want to be Goro Shigeno? Now you can! Introducing! The Baseball Superstars 2020! Or 2019! Or whatever year Gamevil wants this game to be.

If you happen to be an old gal like me and happened to be able to play the 2012 version back in the times, then you won't see the beloved baseball 2012 and 13 on this game. Why? Because those games used to be simple to play. This? This contains a lot of content more than baseball!

But Sei... this is 2020! They ought to mix things up you know!

Yeah... I know. I know. It's not a bad thing. New stuff and more! Multiplayer, the demon powers thing, a life simulator kind of thing where you can run around a town or something. All of it is good. I guess I just got overwhelmed by all of the new stuff I'm presented with.

But hey! They really improved on this game. Graphics, art, characters, special effects and modes. If you don't mind the game's size compared to the old versions? This is worth a try. [厲害]

Nightspeed (BETA)


*Insert Eurobeat* [厲害]

I'll just keep this short. This game in terms of gameplay? Saddening.

Welp, it's still on beta so changes can be made and I am hoping that controls improvement will be one.

Graphics? Sound? They're good! This game have potential. [微笑]

Night of the Full Moon


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary...

Oopps! That's Raven from Edgar Allan Poe. hehe [微笑]
Ok! Night of the Full Moon! Where do I start? Hmmm... The screenshots looks really nice right? But it's a card game! And most people are not that into it.
Still not swayed? Good! Because this card game is one of the best card games you can play for free.

Art style?
Voice Acting?
Different paths and choices?
Deck building?

This game has it! [開心]

I'll be honest, I'm not the best at card games but I really enjoyed playing this game. I even finished one class (knight) in one sitting and I just can't seem to stop! I just keep on tapping and properly selecting/buying cards or upgrading the right cards on my arsenal.

On story standpoint, you might need to repeat your play through just to get all the story from this game though.
Also, other classes need payments which might also have some a bit more of story to unlock. Which is A-OK! because it's really affordable and for me, worth it. Plus what's a dollar for a good game that you'll really like right? [害羞]

If you're finding an offline game that you want to play for a pastime, Night of the Full Moon surely will let that time pass. [微笑]

BUY IT. ahem... I mean Try it! You won't regret it. [厲害]

My Reaper Girlfriend


Ever wondered how it feels like to live like Ichigo Kurosaki? Well, on this game, you get to experience how!

Enter the world where everyone you know or will know is just a shadow being except that three main girls from the story. Experience the life of being a shinigami (or an assistant one) in an EA Games world where some of your choices costs you real money and you don't get to fight people around. But hey! At least you can flirt with the only three normal looking girls on this game! [厲害]

That's it! Good story, funny moments that'll make you imagine things, only three properly drawn girls and microtransaction stuff all in this game. [不滿]

All in all? The game is enjoyable. If you're willing to grind for the stuff (gems, continue cards, and points)

Once upon a time there was a man tasked to help princesses and boost their powers to defeat an evil witch which he failed and cost his life.
He was resurrected again but his memories of the past are gone and he has to learn all the things back again to try defeating the witch once more. The end.

If you reached this part, congratulations! You've just read Princess Connect synopsis [開心]

Sorry about that, ok! Tales of Crestoria... I'm not a super fan of tales games but I've been checking them out from time to time and I've also watched a tales anime before.

On this game, you will get all of the Tales characters! Your waifus are here! Come! Play! What is it? Husbandos you say? They also have it! If you swing that way. [怪笑]

Serious note? This game is decent turn-based rpg that you might enjoy for quite some time. They seem to be generous at giving free stuff also. BUT what is this? PS3?! The 3D graphics looks outdated and will also have some slow downs for some reason. Character arts are great so it's kind of 50/50 on graphics. Story is like the generic MC that needs to be stronger and goes on adventure type of thing but the main gameplay is quite entertaining due to character moves being too flashy .[哇噻]
But beware! This game have mechanics! Just like Pokémon! Except it's uhmmm humans that are fighting. Elemental disadvantages! rock, paper, scissors thing! combo boost and more! But at early stages? You might just find yourself spamming attack.

You like tales games? Try this.
You like turn-based rpg? Try this.
Waifus? Yes
Husbandos? Yes!
Short tutorial?! YES! FINALLY!

The Legend of Maze


Ahhhh... Legend of Zelda. A classic game where you play as Link and not Zel.... Wait? Wrong game? Sorry.

Right! It's The Legend of Maze! [開心] Nothing related or "inspired" by that Ninten-whatchamacallit game. [怪笑]

*Whispers* Hey! Hey kid! you want 2D stuff?
You want dungeons, bats, slime, bush-whacking, pot shattering, slashy slash game?

Seriously, this is like your LoZ stuff but the controls are a bit too smooth and not too well animated despite being a 2D game. But hey! It has its own charm! Slashing those mobs is fun, kiting those mobs is fun, timing the enemies' attacks is fun, and the 2D graphics on this game looks well-drawn.

It's free! Why not just give it a try? You might not have get a good story from this game though. At least based on my current progress. [厲害]

Blue Oath | Japanese


Dive in to the world of warships where you get a lot of warships and battle other warship or alien ships with only your wits and guns.

Wait... there's something wrong with my review?
Oh! Of course! waifus! [厲害]

You see, this game is like Azure Lane but in 3D! [開心]

Forget that lame ass 2D ship waifus! Play this game and experience your waifus on not-that-realistic anime 3D graphics! Explode those alien ship waifus, gain materials, upgrade your weapons, make your waifus happy, get more waifus via gacha, and touch the hell out of them! [怪笑]
I know you like tapping those holy PNGs [厲害]

This is not an advertisement. [開心]

On a more serious note, this game is for people that like a bit of 3D action on their ship waifus.
Is this game for me? Nope. But I can appreciate the good points on this game. Such as the graphics and sound (especially when they get hit by enemies [厲害] don't tell mama). Too bad I can't read the texts that it affects my gameplay.

All in all it's enjoyable despite not being able to read anything on it.

Pokémon Café Mix


Pokémon! Gotta Catch Em All! Not! Because you won't be catching them on this game this time. Prepare your brain (and your wallet) for a game that will let you do challenging cafe stuff for little cutesy Pokémons and do enough of it to hypnotize them and enslave them to help the growth of your cafe.

Ok... that's a bit dark I guess. [開心]

You like Pokémon, casual games and a bit of puzzle stuff? This game is for you.
Down side is you won't get good story from this game. But who cares?! It's Pokémon! It's cute! [色色]

You might encounter things that might make you want to spend money on this game but please try not to. (That Pikachu is so cute tho!) [哇噻]



Ok... I know this game is not known and I'm quite surprised because of all the mecha shooting games for mobile that has been on play store, this is the only one that I really find decent looking. The graphics, the controls, the maps, the sound effects, all are really good! You can also customise and upgrade your bots too! All are grindable no need for crystals or some sort of second currency that is pure just-for-whales stuff.
But of course devs need to have money and upgrades and stuff takes a very loooong time of grind at just PVP mode. You can always buy the in-game currency with real money though.💰 [厲害] Setting that aside, this game really has potential. If you like mech shooting games like war robots, this game have better gameplay. I really hope this game can be recognized.

Rating this game based on my very brief experience from the Alpha.

Graphics: REEEAAAALLLY Nice! Really feels like LOL on your fingertips. I, myself, missed playing LOL because I haven't played it for years and I don't have a time to keep sitting on my PC just to play it but Wild Rift really have the aesthetic that I fell in love with LOL PC.

Sound: Sounds the same. No qualms on this one

Gameplay: Now, basing this on my fave hero Braum, it's the same feel on the PC version for me. Skills and movement still feels the same. Although, they made some of the things more simplified to fit the mobile platform, you won't feel that it's a whole new game than the PC version.

Storyline: No Storyline on this Alpha.

Overall, this game will be really worth playing. I can really see the potential. Won't compare this to ML just yet. This is an Alpha and changes are bound to happen. Maybe this will turn out really good or bad after the tests.

Closed Beta UPDATE:
Still the same feeling from the alpha test but they've improved some of the things like the UI, the selection and more! Only problem right now is sometimes the ping is not stable that leads to not much enjoyable gameplay. But before someone said that it's just my internet, I've tested it on the other game (you know what it is) [厲害] and it's stable.

I'll update this if there will be changes to open beta and maybe re-write the whole review once it's on the real release.

Why play this game if you can't understand the language right?

Answer to that? WAIFUS
Normal waifu, Loli waifu, Furry waifu, WAIFU WAIFU WAIFU!

That's it!

kidding aside, this game have nice events, nice graphics and very forgiving gacha. At least on my experience. YABAI DESU NE! [厲害]

22/7 Music Time


If you are already playing Bang Dream then you might pass on this one as it is like a copy and pasted game with just different characters and music also the ability to set it to 3D background or MV background.

If you still want to play this game, it still is fun. Characters and music are good and playing the MV as a background is a nice touch too.

I hope they can tweak the UI a bit though. Make it less Bang Dream looking. [不滿]

Ace Force


Really nice shooter game. Controls are not that hard even on touch screen. Graphics are really good for a phone game. Of course, please be reminded that you might need a good phone to play this on high graphical settings. Otherwise, use emu.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Been a player since the release on SEA server and the game keeps on improving. There are ups and downs of course. Like bugs, laggy UI and gameplay and more. But what matters is that they keep on fixing and improving those problems. Hoping for more crystals!

SoulWorker: Zero


It's a nice game. I really want to have Lily as a character. I'll continue playing once she's unlocked. or maybe there's something that needs to be done before we can use her? I really don't know as I don't read Korean

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