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Your crazy game reviewer.
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Alright! KingGodCastle! What a weird title. Is this the king of the god castles? The castle of the king god? IDK... But I guess one shouldn't bother much about the title.

The game is a tower defense game mixed with auto chess which just works and is fun to play but gets old after a while.

I mean, even as you progress and the difficulty increases, (You can set this up) the overall stuff is just the same. It doesn't matter if the game introduces some obstacles within the round. It's still the same thing.

Well, the 2D graphics is serviceable so I guess the other thing about this is that there is not much story to look forward to in this game. Usually, one of the things that makes you come back for more in games is the story and it doesn't matter if the gameplay is lackluster as the story helps give the player some kind of a feel that there's progress.

Do I have any other complaints? I guess the currency is quite hard to get.
You get rewards and stuff as you play along but it's not enough to have a lot of roll for gacha. Subjective, I know, but I'm a big sucker for gacha rolls. [開心]

I guess I'm just saying that this is a kind of game that you should not pour a lot of time into. Just play it in your free time or something so that you won't get bored with it fast.

That's it! TLDR. It's good but it's grindy and gets old fast if you play it too much.



You like side scrolling action that's super fun?
Well..... I guess this can be it.

Ok! Swordash! It looks really cool when I first saw it and it's quite cool looking in actual gameplay but it's kinda just the same with each stage.

The stage progression and the inability to create different kinds of combos is making the game kind of bland.

Still, the game looks flashy with its skills and stuff but it will be just repetitive after a while. Plus, the huge spike of difficulty in just a stage! I'm not saying that it's super difficult, but picture it like this: You have upgraded your skill expecting that you can deal more damage but only to be in vain because the same skill that used to be able to one shot enemies in the last stage can't even dent half in the current stage you're doing! That's quite weird.

Welp, I guess just try it for yourself. It's quite lacking to say the least.

F Class Adventurer


Idle games.

I guess they are like, "Ah, I want to play a game but I'm too lazy to do stuff" kind of game when you're thinking about it. That is also why I checked this out.

But that's why we're wrong! This thing? This game? Will make you tap and tap and tap away for hours! So much for being an "idle" game. [開心]

Of course it's like that at first. Just like every idle gacha game, it will pour you tons and tons of rewards that you can use to spend and upgrade your character until it slows down. Until you feel that your character, despite all those rewards, still feel weak as you progress. If only there's a way to make my character stronger. [大哭]

Psst! Hey you!
Yeah you! Did you know that this game is an idle GACHA game?!
Yeah! And by doing gacha, you can make your character stronger!
And you know what comes with gacha? REAL MONEY.

Yes, just like every mobile game, it needs money. And while you can opt out from spending, nothing beats a player with the power of money to wield. Everything will be easier.

BUT if you're okay with a crawl, you can just play for free! The game is pretty rewarding. As I've said, it will reward you a lot at first and even if it slows down, the game is not so hard to play that you won't get any progress. It's just really really slow.

Moving away from the gacha aspect, everything seems easy that you can figure it out without guides unlike other games. Of course if you have stuff you can't figure, there is always the channel chat wherein you can always ask a question. For some reason, the community for this game is quite friendly. But trust me, you will figure this game out fast.

So, what are my complaints? Nothing much. Just the UI.
Why is that I need to tap the thing again to close it? Why can't it have an "X" button just like the other ones? That was quite confusing for like some seconds at first.
I think, if they can, they should just add that "X" Button at other parts.
Consistency. It's also a key.

Welp, That's it. Never knew I would play this game for days. I'd say it's good. Will waste your time if that's what you're looking for.

forgive my random rambling lol. [開心]

Annnddd... I'm here again. [開心]

Let's get the things that what I think is not good on this game first.

AI Combat.

Introducing the AI Combat! Finished a stage and want to farm but don't wanna tap all the time? Well, you're in luck as we have the AI Combat feature! Real neat!
First, select a stage that you have already finished, tap battle, and instead of tapping battle again, tap AI Combat, set how many times you want your characters to combat and then proceed! Now watch as your characters combat the same stage multiple times.

Noticed what's weird? No? It's this --> (Now watch as your characters combat the same stage multiple times)

What?! I have to watch the same result all the time?! Jeez! I know I have watched Haruhi's Endless Eight like 4 times but don't do this to me on a game! [大哭]
Maybe it would be shortened if my characters are a lot more stronger or something but do they really need to do it like that? It takes at least around 4 episodes of anime and 8 dumplings just to wait for it to finish 30 times! It's a lot of time and battery wasted! And get this, if you decide to like tab out of it and open a browser since it's on "low power mode" when in AI Combat anyway, IT WILL DISCONNECT FROM THEIR SERVERS. [發火] Well, no worries, I'll play this on my other phone then. There problem solved. But how about the other players? This thing really is a pickle. 🥒

So what should be a good solution to this?
I'll say maybe implement skip tickets. Like on priconne. Skip tickets that you can receive from expired gacha counts or missions and stuff. That should be nice. Or maybe AI Combat will consume a bit more stamina but you won't have to wait for a long time. Or AI Combat will be just a timed feature just like dispatch but you probably won't be able to use your characters on other stages. That way you can do other things or close the game and just come back once done! Saves time, saves battery, saves electricity.

Man... This is really long now and it's all just a rant. [開心]
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the game. It's just that it feels like that AI Combat haven't been thought thoroughly. Other aspects of the game feels really nice. The animation is awesome and flashy, the character designs are likable albeit some feels like drawn lazily, and the music if you turn down the sound effects really are good! Too bad the game is muted on that AI Combat. If you're gonna wait, might as well just retain that bg music right?

I think Artery Gear can become successful. It has something going for it. And despite that tedious AI Combat? I just kept on playing.
Also, I can say that if you're into turned based games with anime flair on it? Try this. [厲害]



I'm not sure what to choose not to rate between sound and storyline as it doesn't have both anyway. QooApp better look on things like this.

Anyway, Hololy! Quite a fun name for an app. I won't even know that it's an app for Hololive if it doesn't have Sora as an icon. [開心]

Let's see, if you're a hololive fan, this app is heaven sent!
Being able to pose, change emotions and change outfits for your favorite hololive gals is such a delight! Doesn't matter what mode you choose.

First is the camera mode (カメラモード) or what I would like to call screenshot mode. [厲害]
Is a mode where you can select your character, make them do poses and stuff, click the shutter button and it will save on your gallery. What you see on your phone is what will save.

Second is AR Mode (nah you don't need the JP text) I'd probably call this one the camera mode really but I guess AR (Augmented Reality) is also neat. This one uses your real camera and make the character of your choice stand on a flat surface like she's with you! Ain't that neat? [開心]
Of course it still has the same function as the camera mode except for the backgrounds.

Was it fun? Well... I found it fun. It made me tap, explore, and bask myself with the cuteness of the characters! [開心]
I'm a fan of hololive so I guess it's just subjective really. [委屈]

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer...
if you happen to have heard or read that quote, it's from Mafia. [開心]
Now, I'm not that knowledgeable about Mafia, I just happened to know that thing.

Of all the anime games here on QooApp, why this game right? Well, I also don't know. I was just doing my usual Japanese lessons and I came around a playable ad. While the gameplay on that ad is something you won't see on this game (spoiler alert), I still proceed to download the game... hey! I enjoyed playing!

You see, this game is like candy crush mixed with some sim city or cityville. But unlike those where you can keep building your city indefinitely, you have to just reach milestones then go to another place and reset all the progress. Not just that! It's all the same milestones but harder this time! [發火]

Oh! it has other game modes and events! But it's the same micromanaging, city building, mafia biz stuff like the main game all over again! With some exceptions of having a fixed set of capos ( more on that in a bit) to level and use.

Ok, what are capos then? Ya see... every free game has to have something to gain money from. And what's the best way for it? That's right! Gacha!!! [開心]
And capos are those mini people you'll get from the gacha. which are introduced by different rarities that only really just give you more level up potential the rarer the capo is and these levels help on gaining you more money for each fixed establishment you buy or take by force! More level, more money! But money doesn't matter since it will reset on the next city/rank.

Why play this game despite all those? How was it still enjoyable? While I already limit myself on playing this game as it affects my other activities, I still open and manage stuff on this from time to time and still enjoy things like the gacha as it's giving away lots of pulls as you play which make you not worry about rarities anymore, the battles because it lets you mix and match capos with different abilities and possibly win the match even you have a bit less lower power level than the opposing side, the other game modes despite being the same as the main one is still quite enjoyable in a sense of it's more difficult as it challenges your sense of time management as how frequent you can check on the game. This is also why I limit myself on playing this... It just really use a lot of my time! [大哭]

Just try it! You might find yourself tapping away and losing hours on this game.
Oh! also it drains your battery on higher ranks! [發火] Probably because you have to manage more stuff.

Have fun gaming guys! [害羞]

[開心][開心][開心] KONOSUBAAAAA! [開心][開心][開心]
KonoSuba is something that is really close to my heart and I can say one of my favorites when it comes to anime.
But we're talking about the game right? So let's jump right into it fast.

Intro song is quite catchy since it was sang by Machico but I can say that I like the season 2 OP more, "Tomorrow", than this one. Oh BTW, title for the game's OP song is "Happy Magic".
As for the overall tunes on the game? It's quite nice.

Alright! Menu! Overall style looks like priconne. I don't think they are trying to hide it anyway... I mean, if you've followed KonoSuba for a while you will know that they really get inspirations from existing games for their own. An example as well is Verdia of the Resurrection which is like a KonoSuba patch for a MegaMan game. Let me get this clear... nothing bad on this one.

And we're now at the gameplay. As I've said for the overall style, it looks like priconne and also feels like one on the actual gameplay except that this feels like it has somekind of new style of JRPGs mixed into it. (Like Tales of Arise or FFVII) But how it was mixed? Enemies can just attack you relentlessly if you're not making attack selections and stuff to kill them. I know it's not 3D but attacks and skills on the games mentioned above also is like that.
Also unlike priconne the characters on this one is on the right side kinda like reading a manga if you ask me. New quests, which are like the story stages on priconne, can be selected from down to top unlike the usual that is from top to down. Sasuga Japanese game. lol [開心]

Now, is the whole game enjoyable? I'd say I had fun reading the story be it event or the actual one than playing the quest stages. I would really like to love the gameplay but I just can't get enough impact from it that's why I just do it for unlocking the story stuff. Oh! gacha also unlocks some of the story stuff as well which in return for reading (or skipping if that's how you want it) You can get some of your premium currency back (quartz). Overall I'd say it's enjoyable. Art of the new characters, character animations on gameplay that reminds me TinierMe animations, the animation transition, all of them are good! Just lacking the "oomph!" that I'm finding from it.

But don't just believe my word, try it! [厲害]

Pokemon Unite


Ahhh.. MOBAs... When you're thinking of MOBAs, I kinda know what gets in your mind first.

Team Fortress 2! Eh?! Eh?! [開心]

Sei! TF2 is not a MOBA! [發火]

Lol. I know kid, I'm just kidding. [汗顏] So.... POKÉMON UNITE!
Of all things that you might think that will get a MOBA, you will really least expect of this one. But Nintendo did it! Tencent did it! and why? Because ML sucks that's why! [怪笑] just kidding... It's probably because there really is a market when it comes to mobile games. You can also see it on how they designed their power ups via held items. If you can pour $$$ on this game, you might get those items leveled up faster and might give you an edge on early games! Heck might even the whole game because it's so short! Strictly 10 minutes per play.

So this game is not good Sei? [難過]

What?! No! It's enjoyable! Aside from the different feel on some skills of the Pokémon, it also have different rules and strategies on how you can win the game. It might be still the same "defending the towers" type of play like any other MOBAs but it doesn't depend on how strong the other players are most of the time. It depends on how much points you can get in on those hoops. You can even play this without killing others and just try to hoop if no one is looking or your teammates managed to kill them. Of course if you're already well-fed you can easily defend the bases or attack the opponents' bases. That is where the other strategies will come.

Kill them Sei? [驚訝]

Oh yeah! No such thing of getting killed on Pokémon! Make them faint!
Unless we're talking about the Pokémon manga... That's different. [汗顏]

How about the strategy Sei?

Well... Just like on regular MOBAs, you can do split pushing, just focus on farming or get that Zapdos! Oh boy! A lot of my games are already losing games but we still managed to snag the Zapdos! But of course that's if the opponent can't defend their bases. There are players that are really good on this game and really hard to deal with. [厲害]

Any notes Sei?

Right. It's really hard to justify this game's difference with other MOBAs. It's quite something that a player will just feel by playing it. That's why you just have to try it! 1 round is just 10 minutes no more extensions by defending it and will really focus on how much score you can pour for your team and also the amount of objective you can get on each game! A losing game on this can be much easily taken back if the whole team cooperates. The game really focus on cooperating and being aware on the map (For getting the objectives)
I wouldn't make a comment about teams and matchmaking because sometimes, you're at the matchmaking's mercy. If you are with a player that only knows taking down enemies? It's a losing game. [厲害]

Try it!

Vita Fighters


You are looking for a fighting game for your phone but you have a potato phone and can't play that Mortal Kombat?

Fret not because Vita Fighters is here! [開心]

At first really, I first thought that this is a homebrew game for the PS Vita, but I guess it's just really the name.

So what can we expect Sei?

Oh hey kid! Well... I'd day that the fighting is quite ok. I'm not a pro when it comes to fighting games... (Not that I'm a pro on any kind of genre [汗顏]) But some of the characters are quite clunky to use or it just feels that it doesn't connect right. But the game has potential really. It can be really fast paced when you're jumping and dashing around but the abilities are quite.... idk how to say it... not there. It's like sometimes it's or some doesn't have the hit box on what it looks like. I'd say it probably needs some fixing.

Was the game bad Sei?

Hmmmm... If we're not going to talk about the graphics and the sound? I'd say it's decent and pretty enjoyable. Would consume your time quite a bit. Learning the character moves, how to chain them, getting wrecked by the AI opponent because they can immediately defend on your ult move even they are supposedly staggered [發火], all are quite enjoyable. Although the arcade mode boss is quite disappointing really. Titan? What? from AoT? Then what? Bunch of lame moves and very easy to kill. I have had a hard time defeating Millions (character from this game) than the boss! [發火] But overall the whole arcade is easy really. Well, I guess you couldn't have it all. [委屈]

I'd say just play it and download it. It's quite small for a game and will at least entertain you if you're waiting for something like a bus or your meal to cook. [厲害]



Knowing that you can download QooApp inside QooApp is like getting Metal Upa.

Just weird that I can't rate more than one N/A. I mean, How would I rate this app for storyline and gameplay anyway? [開心]

Alchemy Stars | Global


Do you like Full Metal Alchemist?
Yep, this game has nothing to do with that anime... I just want to know. [開心]

So! Alchemy Stars... I will point it out.
This game has a lot of waifus and husbandos. There are human looking ones and animal looking ones if those are your type. [厲害] All of them are drawn quite well and worth checking out. My problem with it are the voices. Some characters just doesn't have this feel of the voice fitting the art. I can't explain it that well but I guess the VAs for this game are quite new on doing VA work. It's not game breaking or bad but it can be improved.

Alright! Gameplay... This game is like Final Fantasy Tactics merged with some casual mobile game where you match tile colors! A puzzle like game! But with.... wait for it....
WAIFUS! [開心] You've guessed that right! What is a mobile game without anime waifus anyway? Everything revolves to anime waifus now! The future is now! [開心]
But enough kidding around, while the gameplay elements are quite easy to navigate to, assembling a team for stages makes up for it. It makes the game have more depth. Makes you think for possible combos or speed runs you might be planning on the stage and to be honest I really enjoyed the gameplay despite being turned off by it at first. All of a sudden I have spent a lot of time on it.

This is a gacha game. Of course you can choose whether to spend or not but at least the game gives you a free 6 stars if you will keep on playing.
Did I managed to get a 6 star on other banner? I think I did! Or was it just 5 star? That Uriel really was quite elusive if you ask me. [開心]
Do I mind if there's no guarantee counter or not? Nahhhh... For me gacha is fun. Despite winning or losing.

Story? It's quite interesting. Dialog has humor on it on some parts and sometimes there sad parts as well.. And Just as I have pointed out, needs improvement on some VAs.... but maybe it's just me. 4/5 [害羞]

There you have it! If you're finding supreme anime action game? This is not it. But it's fun to play on its own way. [厲害]

DC Battle Arena


Do you like superheroes kid? [為什麼]

Well Sei, If you count Haruhi Suzumiya as a superhero then I could say yes. I like superheroes! No! I love them! [開心]

What the.. [驚訝] What happened to you kid?! Ok, whatever floats your boat then... Let's go to the review!

DC Battle Arena... I guess seeing DC Comic characters made you download this eh? [微笑] Of course fans would probably try this out since who never even dreamed to be a hero on their childhood anyway?

- Do you like DC Superheroes Sei?

Not that much kid... don't get me wrong ok? I don't hate them but for me their powers are a bit too OP... Just like Supes. But that doesn't mean I won't try this one. I was just scrolling through the Google Playstore anf this caught my eye. I have decided to download it and give it a whirl until I get Batman. Three days have passed and I gave it another whirl just to see more of it and kind of glad that I did because I will have some cons to say. lol [厲害]

- Was the game bad Sei?

Oh no! It's not bad... Let's just say it's just like brawlstars... but with DC superheroes with a mix of [厲害]
You will just collect some shields, make yourself bigger, and beat up the opponent heroes! Rinse and repeat.
The only thing that will set the good players to bad ones on this game is proper skill timing, proper fight engaging, and map awareness.
Let's say that it's also like a battle royale with moba elements that is like ML but dumbed down a bit more. And while that is not a bad thing, I just kind of expected something more from a title with history and money on it. Come on! It's DC you know! [厲害]

- So you can't recommend this game Sei?

For fans of these characters? I could say that they should try this title. The character skills are worth checking out and to be honest those 3D models are quite well-done!

It's fun from time to time really it's just there is not much variety on it. While it also has other game modes, it's not much fun and too short to play.
I have played a demolition match in less than two minutes! So I just stick with the first game mode.

Oh! One more thing... You will sometimes experience some server delay here and there but nothing game breaking. [害羞]

Give this one a try first! [開心]

Yay! I'm here to write a review for D4DJ グルミク (Gurumiku)! [開心]

Wow Sei! You can now read Japanese language?!

Well... Not flexing it but I can now read a bit but I can't say I'm fluent yet. But hey! This made my navigation thru Japanese games much easier! lol.

Enough from me, Let's start with D4DJ.

When you start the game you'll see Bushiroad and we all know what is with that! That's right! Bandori format! [開心]
This is why I won't bother much on the similarities. If you already played Bandori, you kind of know what to expect on how some of things will work. [厲害]

So what should you expect? New things on how to play it!

What new things Sei?

For starters, since the title indicates DJ, you should have a clue by now. You'll be a DJ on this game! You won't just tap and hold notes! You'll scratch the disc and slide a slider! real nifty I must say!

Of course, the new mechanic will also mean that there's something new that you need to get used to and I must say, if you really want to play this game fully then you should practice on playing this not just by thumbs. Otherwise, you can set some of the stuff to auto. Like the slider and the disc or maybe just the slider or just use some easier difficulty. [厲害]

Now we're going tackle the music. Boy oh boy! It has tons of songs! From originals, to anime cover songs, to remixes, to hololive songs there are tons of it! And what's more to it is unlike other games that they have just covered the song, this game added its "DJ-ness" flair to it.
The effects from scratching, the slider, some mixing of songs and tunes, it really is a delight! [開心] The new mechanic and the game staying true on how DJs work really makes you spam on some of your fave songs here because it is REALLY THAT GOOD.

Now Gacha. Welp, it's quite ok. Game really feels rewarding and it will really be good for the re-rollers. This doesn't really bothered me much.

I guess that it!

Whoah whoa whoah Sei! You forgot something! The Waifus! [驚訝]

Oh shiz! you're right kid! Let's see... I also didn't bother much with it. Weird right? While the waifus really are cute I'm really just focused on playing this game just for the new mechanics and the music. But seriously, they're really cute. [厲害]

Some cons to note:
- Speed settings are quite a pain to find because you can only access it while already in a song.
- Multi live gets you disconnected 2/5 of the times.
- Some frame drops on some songs.
- The font used on this makes it a bit hard to read Japanese. (for me) [難過]

There you have it! D4DJ! You'll love it!



Hey kid! We're reviewing another game again!

Again?! Two reviews in a week? That's insane Sei!

Yeah kid, we're on a roll!

Aight! Smash Legends...

Sounds familiar? This game is like Smash Bros got League of Legends drunk and they made a baby.
It's a MOBA like game with Smash Bros elements on it.

Explain how is the game fun Sei!

Alright alright... Ever found yourself bored and scrolling at a social media site then found an ad on this game? Well, me too! I was enticed with the ad looking so cartoony and smooth so I've decided to give it a whirl. I was greeted with a nice opening screen and a tutorial. But hey! At least the game doesn't block you from checking the settings. [厲害]
Now to explain why is it fun, while the game will show you the things to check, it really is straight to the point. Buttons are laid out the for you to explore what does it do (If you don't wanna read the character's skill and stuff) and lets you experiment on it.

You see, one of the good things you can experience on games is being able to learn from it by exploring.
You have this character, his skill swings his sword hard! I should try this on my enemies right?! KABOOSH! OMG! They're flying! Oh! another button just showed up! What does it do? It's making me spin! Very good AoE damage! How about I use this spinning with the hard slash earlier? [白眼] OMG! Enemies are now out of the ring! There is a jump button?! How about I jump and attack? How about I jump and use the hard slash? There is so much potential to do things and try to outplay enemies with this! This is fun! [哇噻]

Looks like you really had fun Sei! Anything that is worth noting? [賣萌]

Hmmm. Graphics looks fresh and the game is quite rewarding. Matches are quite short and very fast paced.
The game really is quite simple and just going for a straight up fun that you kind of really don't need to go deeper on it.

Have you had any problems with it Sei?

On my experience, there are times that the game is having high latencies. Nothing that destroys the gameplay. It's quite rare to be honest.

How about the balance Sei?

I don't think I talk much about balance but if ever you played this game and manage to have Hooks? (character)
Use her. You will just stand there and just pew pew pew pew and win the game. [厲害]
Red is quite weak in my opinion and Witch Queen is a really nice support if there is a hard hitter on the team.

Is the game worth trying Sei?

Don't let my review force you to play this. But I really can say that this didn't waste my time downloading it. Even made my Arknights review to be pushed back. lol [開心]

Warau Ars Notoria


Bet ya downloaded it because they look like the characters from Re:Zero? [怪笑]

From the makers of really good weeb stuff merchandise that you will pour tons of money into, comes a game where you will also pour a lot of money into.

Warau Ars Notoria.

Kid! You're up!

Eh? Sei? But I just do the questions stuff when we review games...

Yep, Let's go straight to the point and ask me about the gacha.

What? Uhhmm.. ehh.. ok. [汗顏] How's the gacha Sei?

I'm glad you asked kid! Because this game will slap the gacha at you right from the start! Makes it easy if you're the type that creates multiple accounts just to have the good start.
As for the stuff you need for pulling? (Rubies) It's quite easy to get and pulls are quite cheap.
Now, the question how are the pulls? Well.... On these kind of games you want waifus right? You're in luck! Because this game won't give you your waifu that easily! [賣萌]
In easier words, it's a gacha hell. You'll just receive support cards most of the time. [大哭]

As for graphics and art? It's good.
You'll get what you've clicked for.
Re:zero looking art, some looks like from SAO, some even looks like from oni chichi [怪笑] idk.
Since you'd be getting tons of support cards anyway, you can bask yourself with a lot of art.

Is the game worth trying Sei?

Hmmm.. Well, it's a chill game, if you're looking for some idle fun? Yes. it's good.
With tons of support cards, you can have somekind of building strategies on the game if you can read JP. [怪笑]

There you go! Warai... errr Warau Ars Notoria.
Simple idle gacha game that surely won't make you laugh.

Do you like walking but can't because of this pandemic? Well fret not because we're here to introduce the Walking Simulator 3000! [發困]
Alright alright... Jeez! Before I someone attack me, Let me straighten this up and just say:


Got that? You can stop reading there if you don't like reading big slabs of texts.

I really never have played any NieR game and never really bothered downloading it on my PC because I don't have a lot of time but when I saw that it will have a game for smartphone? I got excited! Finally! A NieR game I can try even though I'm most of the time busy! [開心]
I've waited for it... waited and waited until it came here at QooApp. I've even downloaded it at first day of release!
But I got disappointment. It's not an action RPG... It's a walkathon with a turn-based thing which is automatic that you can just also mistake this as an idle game! Then I've decided to just postpone playing and postpone writing a review.

So why I've decided to write a review to this game?
While I'm still influenced with my subjective views, I really want to proceed and look at a different angle on this game. Maybe I'll see something. Maybe there is something I can try on this one.
I've played it again and gave it a whirl. I've noticed something. It's a story driven game! Cutscenes, dialogues, a bunch of texts to read and conversations all are meant for the game to tell you something! Have I enjoyed it? Nope. But don't get me wrong. It's just that I can't read Japanese but hey at least I can understand some of that little ghost's monolog which by the way... gives a lot of Ara ara energy if you know what I mean. [厲害]

So yep, Can't read JP so let's go past that. Let's see... Graphics! [開心] Boy oh boy! This game have some really nice character models and particle effects! Movements are also quite nice and have some heft to it which really goes well with the attack particle effects. It's quite unexplainable.
Now let's go with the environment. While I don't expect a vibrant one, I do expect it to be quite nice and to be honest? While the lighting is quite good, object polygons and terrain tesselation is like from a PS2 to PS3 era. It's not the best but it's good. [耍帥]

Sound? Saying that it's good is an understatement. Tunes are really freaking nice! Just stop and listen on some parts if you have time and you might call this game a walking with really nice tunes and ara ara ghost simulator 3000! Opps! Just kidding. [厲害]

And of course! It's a mobile game! There's our all time favorite! The gacha. Yep, you've read that right! Gacha.
While I still don't get why you would need it on a game that is just pure story, It still is good if you can manage to get your favorite characters from the NieR series and have them beat those gate monsters thing.
Also worth noting that while this is a gacha, grinding your purple stuff on this game is quite fast. It's rewarding and doesn't seem to need you to do much of pulling. A plus points I must say. [開心]

Gameplay? There is nothing much really. While the game gives you a false freedom of being able to do something by going on different directions or moving your character while in a battle, it really wasn't enough. Let's just say that it's too linear. It's not bad. It's a story driven game afterall.

NieR Reincarnation still is a game. While It won't live to your expectations of being the same as the other NieR games, it still is a game worth checking out. If you are fluent on Japanese? Try it. I really think that the story is intriguing based on the graphical cues it gives and who knows? You might want more from this game. [厲害]

Touché! Mr. Pussycat!
If you're wondering where did that came from, It's from a Tom and Jerry episode wherein they were musketeers.

Tom and Jerry... So nostalgic. One of the cartoons that gave fun on my childhood. This is why I've decided to download this and gave this a try. [賣萌]

I know I should have written my Arknights review first but I really am not feeling it. lol. [不滿]

As for the game, it's just like Friday The 13th or Dead By Daylight in a sense. You'll just have to knock the humans out and hang them but in this game instead of being a hunter and just a regular human, you'll either be a cat or a mouse! And since this is a Tom and Jerry game which supposedly targets kids, it doesn't have the blood and gore that the other two games I've mentioned above. You'll have your chase game as light-hearted possible.

So what are you going to see on this game? If you're already a grown up then you'll probably be nostalgic with the characters. The old and classic, Tom and Jerry, Tuffy, Tootsie, Butch, Spike and many more! Some of them might probably not be available as playable character yet though. At least based on what I've already seen on my playthrough.
All of them are also drawn good! Design is overall good! Although they are the characters that looked modernized.
What I mean is that they're like new iterations of the characters I have loved. I'm not that bothered much but maybe some might find the old designs more appealing. [厲害]

Have I enjoyed playing the game? I'll say to a certain extent. I really love the concept of being on one the characters' shoes but I kinda of feel like I'm not really in control with them. Let's just say there is somekind of unexplainable latency when controlling them. While the animations of each characters are nice looking, it really feels like you're controlling a floating paper with a wind from a cardboard panel. It feels floaty.
I guess it's because it's cartoon? Maybe I'm just really into physics and games having a certain weight and feel to it.
Despite that, I still find the game enjoyable especially when I'm the chaser! I just think that it's more fun to be one. [開心]

Other aspects? While a mobile game has to be designed to have somekind of what I call "cash grab" on it, this game doesn't feel like you need to spend any real kaching. Unless you really want to have an specific character, it's not really much game breaking not to have them.
Although each characters or Tom and Jerry's different iterations have different set of skill which makes it feel new when playing.
The game also have skins! Aside from having multiple same character iterations which feels weird but it's there.
Perks! Which can improve your favorite character's chances on winning the game.
And last but not the least, game modes... I just really played the casual and parkour ones because ranked play have time slots on it. Weird for a ranked play to have time slots. [不滿] Was it limiting kids on playing the game too much? I don't really know... But I'm not available on those time slots soooo no ranked for me. [大哭]

And that's it! Tom and Jerry: Chase.
A light-hearted hunting game that can give a nostalgic feel for older people on this cartoon because it's Tom and Jerry. [厲害]

Uhmmm since this is not a game, I'll just keep this short and sweet.

Discord helped me to get over my depression. Kind of weird but I guess I got lucky to have decent friends on this platform.

But objectively? This chat app really offers a lot without paying. Of course you can always pay for the so called nitro to "boost" your experience.

10/10 lel [厲害]

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!

Sei!!! No! It's not bandori! [發火]

Hehe.. yeah but it kinda sounds like that at the start screen. [開心] Alright alright...

Uma Musume! Pretty Derby! [賣萌]

You know what's better than racing horses? 🐴
You've got it right! Racing horse girls!
You know what's better than idols?

Let me guess Sei, racing idol horse girls. [發困]

You gosh darn right about that kid! [開心]

If you've watched the anime before you either be a fan of this title or an upcoming murder victim (just kidding) [開心].
It really has this charm or something new on it. We already know about cat girls or dog girls or bunny girls and they really are quite famous on anime everywhere but horse girls?! HORSE GIRLS?! Get my money as I throw them at my screen Cygames! I'll take your entire stock!

Kidding aside, it just really stirred my heart for their unexpected cuteness.

What about the game Sei?

Oh right! Hehehe.. well, as expected, Cygames delivered it well. It really is close to the anime and had given quite considerable fun. There might be some a bit of drawbacks but who cares?! Waifus for everyone! [開心][開心][開心]

Let's start with the drawbacks Sei!

Hmmm.. that's kind of weird but a change of pace is nice.
Well, we all know we're playing this with smartphones now and newer models tend to not have buttons or capacitive buttons on it. Playing this game on such is quite a bit annoying when trying to quit the game as it will also tap the game's race button. What I mean is that the on-screen phone controls are hovering on the game menu and thus messing with the back button. It's just a simple one though nothing much to be irritated really. [委屈]

There is not much of a gameplay to explore on this one.
We all know the training for URA and using different kinds of horse girls brings different kinds of difficulty on training. But that's it! Races are just scenes you can either watch or skip since the outcome really is predetermined. You can change it bit when you lose if you try to reset but there's really nothing much on it as you play along. You can always say that there's a story there but would you really even try to read it all? Like for example you're trying to keep using Daiwa Scarlet multiple times on URA, would you really read them again? To me, the races on this game are only just there at the start to make you feel excited and will lose the dopamine shot it will give you after multiple playthroughs.

Lastly is that for some reason, the carrot gems are quite harder to gain than other gacha games. At least that is what I feel about it. Getting them is quite slow. Unlike on priconne where you can get them quite on a faster rate. Maybe it's just me... [不滿]
It's not much of a drawback really I'm just not used on being bombarded with rewards lol.

Wow Sei... does this mean we won't be recommending this game? [大哭]

Are you kidding?! [發火] A game should be tried by everyone who is interested! And for someone that is a fan of Uma Musume and cute girls? I would really recommend trying this game!

But Sei, The gameplay! The gameplay!!! [大哭][大哭][大哭]

I know kid.. but there's more on this game than the URA part of it.
If you can read japanese text, the game really is story-driven. You can read all of the story of each horse girl! See them react, interact, and emote from these stories. And for me?! It's like a blessing! Cute horse girls' cute interaction with each other? Together with the nice art this game has? Truly is a nice feeling. [色色]

I have already said cute horse girls right?! Yes! girls! lots of them! From goth looking or cool looking to simple to princess looking to lolis to flats to mountains [怪笑] and to moderate ones, you name it! You'll have it! [開心] It's really good for people who likes collecting. Got to have em all [厲害]
This also is good for the fans of the title as they collect the girls, they're also bound to know more about them and those really are valuable information! [厲害]

Aside from collecting and having info about the girls, you really will get the chance to train them on this game. Yes it's the part of the URA right? But Training your own horse girl? The feeling is nice. You take pride whenever you've done the right preparation on races and also be sad if they've lost. But we all know that it's not the horse girl's fault. It's your fault! [厲害] Kidding aside? Training them all is still fun.

Music is quite catchy and lively too! Sometimes I just end up listening to the menu tunes and also the idol horse girl presentations. You got that right! They are also idols!
They sing and dance on end of the races!
It's really bright, cheerful looking and really fun to watch!
You might even start to try to remember some of the songs. [厲害]

There is also this PvP! [開心]
Yep! Although there really nothing much on it but just rank comparison that is based your horse training.

Ok Sei, I guess this is worth trying at least?

Well, yes. I know it's quite an excitement killer right? But the game is still new and probably, they will make more content and adjustments on it.
it's just I feel that your influence on the horse girls on the game are quite lacking. Yes, training them is quite fun but it doesn't have the feel like it's on the anime where the interaction of the character to another affects the outcomes. I might not just be explaining it enough but I'm just saying that there's really should be more than just training really.
I guess it should be quantitative and not based on feelings and stuff right? Well, I'm leaving it to Cygames to figure it out. [厲害]

Blue Archive | Japanese


Wake up kid! We're gonna write our 30th game review!

Eh? Yeah yeah. alright... What are we in for anyway Sei? [睡覺]

Blue Archive! The one with that cute innocent looking girl as the icon! [開心]

Jeez... alright. Let's start Sei.

You've been wandering at qooapp, looking for games to play when you've suddenly saw this cute anime girl... you've read the title and it says "Blue Archive".
You've told yourself: "This looks interesting!" and proceeded to download the game.
Is that what happened to you? Well, if it is then we're the same! Because I'm a sucker for cute anime girls. [開心]

So what do we have on this game Sei?

Oh! Yes! I've said it earlier. Cute anime girls.
Angelic anime girls. And not just because they're too cute. It's also because each of them have halo! [賣萌]
All of them! Maji Tenshi! [開心]

But objectively? Yostar or whoever did all of the character design on this really have done well.
The game have this really "brand new" feel to it. Everything feels popping and fresh and it really attracts you as you navigate through the menu, the story, the gacha, everything that you'll probably will see on the interface level of the game really pops!
I know it's not the game itself but it really is the one of the things that I have noticed. It really is well-made.

How about the gameplay Sei? [汗顏]

Well... we used to play priconne (Princess Connect) before right? It kinda is like that. But....
Wait for it...
In 3D! [開心]
Everything is better in 3D! Just kidding. [開心]
They also have guns! Lots of them! Because FREEEEDOOOMM! [開心][開心][開心]
But in seriousness, the gameplay feels like priconne with a mix of also a Yostar game, Arknights.
It really just an auto game while you just tap the character portrait for them to perform their special move with an added Arknights twist of somekind of energy bar so you wouldn't be able to spam them. (Just correct me on this term lol)
What's that? The auto will automatically do the special move for you without tapping?
Yes! yes! But does anybody really play at full auto anyway? I guess if you kind of want to not have much of interaction on the game and your girls OP, just go. [厲害]
Other worth note-taking thing on the game is the visual novel like aspect that shows how well-made the art is and kind of a breath of fresh air on the action-packed stuff this has. It will also give you a chance to try other characters aside from the ones you have. Real nice if you ask me.

How about the gacha Sei?

Ah... gacha... I haven't really have read about the rates but as usual for JP gachas, you won't really have pity pulls on this one. But it doesn't matter really... You remembered that I've said it's like priconne? It's because..
Introducing! The best system you'll ever get on a gacha game! (joking) Whale tears! [賣萌]
Whale tears is an specialized gem that can be used to buy at the whale shop for the character fragments. This way, you can farm for the waif- *ahem* angel student you want.

Note: Student-Teacher relationship is prohibited.

And yes, I forgot to tell that you're kind of a teacher here.
Also they can pronounce your name on the game.

Really Sei?! [驚訝]

Yep, if you have written a Japanese name. [開心]
I really haven't tried it. But that's what my friends have said. So... I just believed them.
Yes, I have friends. [發困]

Any final notes Sei?

Final notes eh? Well, the game is fun. But in all honesty? It will bore you after a lot of stages. One thing that could make it fresh is you having a lot a team setup to shuffle from.
The game is rewarding for beginners as a lot of mobile games are but I really see that it will really come to the point where you'll be bored. Well, the game is quite young and surely, improvements and events will come.
Just try to enjoy yourself on the Arknights like aspect of the game wherein you can also strategize based on your team composition. If you enjoy games like that? This game surely will fit you. [微笑]

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