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Anthony Ruiz 16641297

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this game is okay if your one of the very dang lucky ones to get your fav charater CG 7* or 7* in general but as for me after this new event happend we have Lighting as 7 star and Fing hope as 6 star brought back AGAIN! and the 2 main charaters sarah and "IDGAS" Noel but hey you know there was another guy in 13-2 hmm ya what was his name again oh ya it's SNOW!!!!!!!! F you brave exvius I don't want 13-3 snow I wanted 7* 13-1 or 13-2 you jack offs! note this is more of a rant not a review but be warned not all your favorate charaters are 7 stars so sorry if you are as unlucky as I am ps:screw Hope most of all.[發火]

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