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trash rates and obvious cash grab using the gundam IP... sadge

great concept but lacking in almost everything

This certainly put a smile on my face

I have a love and hate viewpoint on this game
- It is free to play as you can clear the main story and even events with low rarity servants
- Servants have their own uniqueness and are actually likeable character wise
-The story is good, Gameplay is enjoyable and sound is also good
- Farming can get tedious specially when using the same set of servants over and over but hey... farming is always tedious no matter what game your playing
- The only bad thing about the game is the rates

i gotta be honest... after playing since launch they have to fix the game... they havent done anything other than add characters. the game crashes from time to time especially during pvp... which makes you lose. after restarting the game it fixes itself unitl it happens again later on. also the rate up is almost non existent... even the 4* in ikari warriors banner only got drawn once in 50 draws no 5* especially in earlier banners. really hope they fix that crashing problem because this game has alot of potential but as of now that bug is game breaking

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