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Graphics: HMMM Spicy waifu material??.. [怪笑][怪笑][色色] LETS GOOO!!![開心][開心]

Sound: it's okay nothing is unpleasant

Gameplay: typical gacha game, what do you expect?

Storyline: hehehe boy....[怪笑]

Value: unless you can appreciate gacha game then you can understand the effort the dev put to make this piece of art a game we can enjoy today..[開心]




King's Raid


edit: it's not worth your time to invest in this game now, the dev make stupid decision and that make players mad and make the game pretty much dead by now

Good game with great graphic(especially with many waifuable material[鬼臉]) and enjoyable story[色色](even thou it get kinda dark by end of chapter pandemonium[大哭]), Sound is great too[怪笑] (i even sometimes open the game onlyto enjoy the ost haha), also they give you the choice to play auto or play manually (which i do most of time since auto never get you the dps your need to clear most content :v), and the character growth is manageable from start that i tried to speedrun the game by 7 hour to beat final chapter with my lvl 80 Seria[色色](not included epilogue lol and without spending even one cent [微笑])...
well for those who can't manage their character and rubies it can be hell in certain stage like ch.4 or 5 thou[厲害].

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F2P progress since day 1 now waiting for frigg on September 1st[開心] Read Note
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