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Gacha Game Addict | Otome Gamer
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Gacha Game Addict | Otome Gamer
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Ikemen Sengoku | English


I've been playing since 2017 although I'm not very active now. Being one of the first few otome games I've started, the storyline was great about sengoku period. It got me interested with Japanese history & I do hope to visit these historical places in near future.

Ieyasu is my best guy with his tsundere antics 😍 I'm glad that his eternal route is finally coming to the english version. I've been waiting for a long time. 😘



I'm part of the beta tester & I love the game alot. The character design and voice are awesome! Gacha rates are really random. In some months, you get what you want & some months, you don't unless you spend. The main story and character personal story are great as well! I hope they could update with new chapters soon :)

This is perhaps my favourite Ikemen Series game among the rest I've played (IkeSen, IkeVamp, IkePuri, MidCin). I've played it since the release back in 2018. All the characters are likeable whether they are on the good side or villian side.

Each character has their unique personality and I love the relationship bond between some of the characters (especially Lancelot / Harr / Sirius). I'm not going into details since I don't want to spoil :)

I'm looking forward to the future new routes in the game. [害羞] Perhaps, a conclusion with more clues and a new arc for the series.

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