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loves "chill" mobages | twst | my little dolls | prsk
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loves "chill" mobages | twst | my little dolls | prsk
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the little sounds the fairies make boost my serotonin levels [色色]
you might need to keep watching ads to get the bakery going but after a while it'll be easy!

there's a lot of recipes you could get so don't rush it like me. i kept watching ads so i could get everything in the lottery so when i did get everything, i was only at half of the recipes [無語]

so take ur time and enjoy. it's supposed to be a relaxing game.



I don't think I've seen a mobile otome game this good!
Usually games of the same genre have chapters locked with an item and it makes you wait a long time just to get an item but in tot it's like the usual story mode in games! Clear a mini boss in debate and continue on with the story.

The chapters are also fairly lengthy. This is pretty much a big bonus since some games really makes you wait but then they show you a really short chapter with like 20 dialogue lines [汗顏]

I also didn't expect to love them! My current favs would be Artem and Luke. When I first saw the charas I thought I'd be bored since none of them were my absolute types but they proved me wrong

Disney My Little Doll


its a really cute game and it's easy to play!
i think you're able to pick of your favourite disney character doll at the start and you wait for around 3 days to get it! once you get it you'll be able to pick a different character! (or you can have double the doll! i picked 2 ariels 😂)

for the first 3~14 days, you'll be completing the beginner's missions. there's 7 steps you have to finish, from collecting happiness from playing with your dolls to making friends and visiting others houses to get more happiness and event items.
once you complete the whole list you'll be able to get the theme ticket (rainbow colored) and you can get every item from a gacha banner in the exciting gacha (lit. お楽しみガチャ) so you can already look cute by completing a whole theme already! when i say theme, you have a whole set from clothes to interior and house decorations!

i already spent money on this game thanks to the cheap beginner's set and it's worth spending imo! i was trying to get most items from a lavender tea time set and i was able to get most with the money i spent!
there's also VIP stages depending on how much you spend. white and gold stages have gachas where you can roll free once!

and the most important function in this game is you can EXCHANGE your dupes (double items) with people!
you can basically get items from gachas and events you missed!
it's a very generous system. i've been eyeing for little mermaid items and i'm slowly collecting all of them solely through trading!

what you do in the game everyday is to get friends, preferably those with the bottles (the red button) in their house, touch&smile, collect happiness by playing with your dolls, go to baba's house and bring 10 bottles to the pot, complete 3 daily quests and exchange happiness with items!

and sorry for the long review, I don't see an english wiki and there's only a few english reviews here. hopefully this is helpful!

Bakery Story YEASTKEN


if you love dogs so much to the point you want a virtual collection of dog bread keychains then this is the perfect game.

its literally just gacha and when you finish the box theres a 5 minute cooldown till you can scout again.

theres a counter for every dupe you get and when you filled your counter you get a short comic!

the dog bread keychains are displayed in a corkboard which is super cute plus you can shake your phone to move them around (and destroy them 😂)

Nightmare Land


visited this game again after five years!
i still really liked it [色色]
i fell in love with it again!
a cute and mysterious rpg maker game on mobile.

it has some scares here and there, its great for those looking for a mild scare.
the characters are cute!
its a simple story but i like it.

the attractions are based on dantes inferno i think?
i really liked the attractions and the puzzles! my jp was pretty limited but it didnt stop me from enjoying it

the game really does require a walkthrough since the puzzles are in japanese and they're really complicated (and interesting!) but by searching ナイトメアランド you could find a blog that has all the answers.

also make sure to keep an eye on the memories/fragments or you'll get a bad ending.

Granblue Fantasy


been playing for maybe four years??
tried to stop playing but the contents too good and i love the characters and collabs too much. and the free gachas really good

tho tip for new players, dont let the strong players scare you. it gets pretty competitive when your level gets higher but i think you should enjoy the game in your own pace.

i mean i play mostly for the art, events and characters, especially the art lmao i get a bit competitive sometimes but i admit my grids not really the best haha

i dont like disney for how theyve become in the recent years and how petty and disgustingly capitalist they are but i like the classics so much! as a kid little mermaid was my favorite.
nostalgia factor baby

yana tobosos art and character design is. god-tier.
yana toboso = god

it also makes the whole story entertaining and every time they drop new parts of the story I LOSE MY BALLS OVER IT. the end of the chapters always somehow surprise me too, its really worth a read! i always look forward to the story!

and i have to agree that their gameplay is boring but for me its prefect. i try to prioritize my real life right now and too much gameplay will just make me go down in mobage hell again 😅

i dont have the energy to always play games anymore, rhythm games take too much time and the fact that twsts hard level doesnt require a full combo saves me so much pain and time! tho the tapping part is kinda wonky 😓 the chibis are entertaining to watch too!

Promise of Wizard


i really like the story and the characters!!!! its interesting and keeps me on my toes. theres not a lot of translations out for this game so far so im just translating a lot of the info in my mind but i hope more people get into this game! its cute and fun and the dynamics of some pairs are really cute!
the gameplay really made me thought of shiny colors too lmao but its more lenient and casual.

its perfect for someone like me who doesnt rly like too much gameplay, id rather let the auto play and still do a lot of things irl while still being able to immerse myself in the story and characters. i love it!!

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