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GRAN SAGA | Korean


After playing this for a week i can say this game is quite good! yes it has auto combat but you can choose to play without auto. The chapter cutscene are pretty anime like and has some character development unlike other mmorpgs. the second one that comes to my mind, with respect to story is figure story.

The gacha pull rate is quite good for weapon and skill cards, yet to see how it is for characters since it takes a while to get one. After level 50 there is some grind, which i think will be much more in higher level. Main mission gets progressively harder so take it slow, rush until chapter 4, many features of the game will be gradually till that chapter.

If you like final fantasy and anime games (reminds me of avabel online) this could be your best bet. I have high expectation about this game.



this is greater than the pc version imo, but still auto play auto skill, u can turn off auto though but not recommended. story is not that good kinda generic, while installing it takes a lot of time to download so be patient

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