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I'm a sucker for gachas and feel free to follow ne
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I'm a sucker for gachas and feel free to follow ne
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Honestly I didn't really expect this game to be so great at first because I thought it was way too early for a mushoku tensei anime only game. I have seen many other games with early releases suffer and have a drop on quality but this game surprised me and exceeded my expectations.
• Loading Speeds isn't long at all
• Great art and music with excellent 2d animations
• Very f2p friendly and grindable but not boring
• Has game original content and elaborates on the story more
• The gameplay isn't bad at all and has a simple system yet requires you to plan and think ahead. The graphics are nice but not the greatest but it does use scenes from the anime and we all know the anime has astounding animation.
• A good hugh 4 for me and I reccomended it to everybody

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is my team good? are the characters i pulled good and is my account lucky? Read Note
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