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1. Graphic setting basically doing nothing beside reduce between 30fps and 60fps and render resolution? Dudes didnt bother to remove some special effects from low setting to make game run smoother, whats the point of low graphic setting if its just high setting but with lower resolution? Ubisoft is making some jokes?
2. There's no system to reset character level like other AFK idle RPG games, this cause if I leveled some blue characters before getting purple, I will have no resources to leveling the purple later.
3. My team is currently 26k power, 4 purple + 1 blue. Immortal elite+, Eve, War Women, Red Rush, Rex all lv39. And I am stucking with main story where enemy team has only 17k power.

SEA dont download this racist game, its not global
If you are SEA, go rate this 1 star on all of the store

Monster Hunter Now


Region block



First of all, this game deserves 5 stars no matter what people is speaking
However, another milking simulator game, why would this game have an energy system? That destroyed everything
"Never block your customers behind a paywall" thats a simple rule. How did Vampire Survival become the most famous survival game even its just a copy of Magic Survival?
This game got the awesome graphic, awesome abilities and one thing that bring the whole game down, "Energy system", why would this always happen to literally every good game?
So thanks for your efforts but without that energy system, you deserve 5 stars and 5 stars only

Uncle John In Wonderland


racist gamea

cute game yes. but I dont understand the mechanic of this game at all

basic English support please. I dont know how to sell stuffs at all. also stats

My Mini Mart


Good game but no setting option yet. [睡覺]

Cat No Wash!


Its not a cat.
It was him, DIO!

Blue princess 2


Hidden energy system.



wheres english setting?

Blade Girl: Idle RPG


game doesnt automatic reconnect after losing connection. Suggest add offline mode since this game is an idle game.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi


Square Enix hates global players

Trash, unplayable

Blackout : Sightless Home


Silent Hill PT mobile [無語] I am... too.. scar...ry write... th...this....

Ayakashi Toyoden


Yes! Yes! Yes!
Finally new ayakashi game.
You and Moitititi are 2 of my favorite Japanese developers ever.
Most awesome thing you guys support global players with English language, that is what I love.

This game does support English guys

Gate of Nightmares


This is a good game I actually give this game 5 stars
Square Enix can't add English language?
This is a gacha game and there's a damn energy system?
Wanna milk us that much?
As always
-2 stars

The Legacy


again another good game is missing English

Secret of Image


-2 stars for no english

Unknown Heroes Idle


why no offline mode?
and archivement is buggy, cant receive any and cant finish the quest. too bad

edited: After update, seem to fixed receiving archivements problem. Now got black screen on stage 5. weird

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Another racist game with region block humanity is losing each day[發困] Read Note
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