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I love to play mostly otome and rpgs.
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I love to play mostly otome and rpgs.
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Good game! I highly recommend it if you have nothing else to do it's a great time killer. The pixel graphics are very cute, I like how accurate the dino skeletons look. Plus, you can play it offline without ads or if you want the game to give more coins or stamina you can watch ads which is great for ads are not that intrusive in the game.

The con in this game is that you can't earn coins if you close the app. You need to leave it on.

The gacha prices are really expensive compared to other gacha games I have played you can get 10 cards with only 250 diamonds but in this game 250 diamonds for one card πŸ˜“. I've been lucky enough to get a lot of SSR cards of each groups.
The stamina system is a little weird even if you're at a high level your stamina stays at 20, you can still play the game with zero stamina though but with less bonus items which is fine not much is lost lol unless you're planning on evolving cards.
There isn't anything like affection level in the game's main stories although there are choices but it doesn't really change anything i guess(I can't read japanese after all).
Still, I love the songs and gameplay is really not that bad. This is after all my first rhythm game so.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Also, I don't know if it is just me but there are instances where the game's song volume are high and some are low. I had to like adjust the volume every time I play a different song :(((

Obey Me! Shall we date?


At first I thought it's just gonna be one of those spending diamonds to play chapters (a bad experience I had with Shall we date games) but this game had me hooked. It has a really interesting story and the characters are just lovable. Gameplay isn't that hard just keep tapping hearts to fill up the gauge. There are a lot of things to do and events to join in other than continuing with the main story. Plus, it's in english! Thank you so much for that!!😭😭😭
The gacha is a bit expensive in my opinion, upgrades for cards are also like that i guess and the game can be laggy sometimes or it's just my internet being slow. Overall, it's a good otome game!

Eto Kare


The game can be played offline which is already a plus on me but it is in japanese and can't be changed to english so it is difficult to understand what's going on. I'm only using google translate to help me progress in the game (I'm already at map five XD). The battle system is weird I was not expecting a roulette type(?), where you get to choose an ability but it will vary on where the pointer has stopped after you clicked(idk english:')). You can only attack three times per round even though you have five zodiac signs sent into battle. It's an okay time killer i guess, a lot of grinding that's for sure.

Arcane Quest Legends


A good game, great graphics, a lot of grinding and yes it is OFFLINE. A bit disappointed that there is only one chapter available, other chapters are purchasable. Still, good game.



Good game, good graphics and sound plus you can play it either online or OFFLINE, which is why I downloaded it in the first place. It's not a pay to win which is great unless you want to get some great equipments and upgrades. The storyline is fine, not much reading nor cutscenes in the game tho. My only nitpick is that there are no camera angles in the game, would be nice to see where some enemies are coming from. Still, good game.

Monthly Idol


It's a good game! You can play it offline which is great as well.There's a lot of things to do and customize although it is slow paced and repetitive. Been playing it for years now.

Dream House Days | Global


It's easy to play and the graphics are good. The gameplay is repetitive but it is addicting and there are a lot of things to do and customize. You don't have to spend any money. Before, this game was available offline but I've downloaded it again and you can only play it online.

Been playing since the game got out! The artstyle/graphics and sound effects are really great, there are a lot of pretty card illustrations. Gameplay is very simple, sling shot style. The storyline is the same as the anime/manga so I sometimes skip it and just finish the battles instead. Gacha prices are not that expensive, you can get 11 cards for 250 diamonds though earning diamonds is the hardest in the game.

Feel free to add me in the game! Game ID: 702370634558

I was glad that an english version was released, was hoping for it to also be offline too tho but oh well. Anyway, I did not finished the game anymore because rubies were so hard to get if you want to choose a specific action for the game to progress and you were only given 1 free ruby after finishing an episode but ruby choices costs 10+ :'(((

Great app to make pixel art. The controls are not hard to use. The downside is that I lost my first account because I was not able to connect it to my gmail. Other than that the community is great as well.



Best app to browse for art, especially anime. I use this app to browse fanarts and doujins. I find the search and tags quite useful and recommendations are also given which is good as well. The interface can be translated to English except for the artworks, mostly are in Japanese.

Also, although there is a chat system on the PC version it is not available in the mobile app but live ilustration making is avaible in mobile app. Lastly, if you're not into NSFW stuff there's a setting to turn it off.

The art of the game is really good. The storyline is short but it is fine. It isn't too hard to get the story going you only need to watch ads or play games to get rubies if you want to choose a specifc action but the story will still continue without them. For the CGs, I'm not sure if there are only two in the story but there are only two endings so.

Touken Nyanbu


A really cute fanmade game for tourabu. It's nice if you just wanna waste time and got nothing to do

I love the game very much. The characters and their designs are just amazing and with all the events going on, I never find it boring.(っ´ω`c)

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