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Just a gacha addict
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Just a gacha addict
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Tho Apex sometimes could use some more improvements in the pings which i understand since its just released on some areas but they are doing a really good job on it! I was the beta tester from before and i must say i am happy with all the improvements they have made from last time~ goodjob Apex M!

I have been playing this game ever since it came out and there are many things that I like about this game. The characters with variety of skins and style, also the graphics are superb (tho it sometimes looks wonky). Gacha is a bit unfair sometimes (relating to my KOF and Rezero collab pulls hiks).

overall it is such a nice game and definitely gonna keep playing even years to come.



I love it so much! I can play Granblue Fantasy with ease cuz sometimes my Chrome bugged out xD

So I played this for the first time, and speedrunning this since i'm at my workplace hhhh

I love the graphics, bgm and stuffs, it feels very nice to hear and look at. Animations are smooth, you can trt changing the settings according to ur phone specs just in case its a bit wonky and laggy (if you have it), my phone is not that new so I shot up to 60fps and it works better.
Phone doesn't overheat and plays well so its a merit for this!

Dont ask about the storyline since my japanese vocab is too limited that I can only read a few, but this looks like it takes place on a modernized place but infested by monsters (its obvious ik just wanna state it hhh)

Gacha rates, well, i think its a bit sad that SS drops are 0.07%, depending on respective banner but not even 0.1%. For S characters, its something like 0.87% which is quite high, i forgot about A drops but its really high thats all I can say. Not me being salty but I just have one S charac for my 1st 10 draws, i'll update when i've played longer. Starting of the game, we gonna have several gacha tickets for free but yeah, depending on ur luck, you might/might not get nice 10 draws haha. Pity system is there but it varies depending on the banner. Saw this one banner having a 150 max pity, I- //cries

Gameplay wise, its kinda like Destiny Childe but having deployment points as a mean to use ur skills, yeah sorta like that. Normal attacks are automated and you only need to press your skills when you have enough points. It has arena and other places, unlockable via completing the storyline.

Shops and currencies, i would say the price is okay. Its almost just like any other game prices, 60 diamonds for ¥100 or so and other stuffs. I saw battlepasses but i forgot to check their prices, do check it out and inform here maybe haha

Basically some of these are just my experience playing the game for a short while, if there are mistakes i'm deeply sorry and you can correct me in the comments for everyone to note ^^ sorry bout my long review, have a good day~

Time Defenders


Personally i feel like the game can enhance their graphics more. Gameplay wise, it seems it has Arknights and Counterside vibes to it. Gacha emm i think its fine for the time being.

I'm not used to write reviews but this game was something that I have been waiting for haha xD keep up the good work devs♡

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Game constantly crashing Hello! I've seen several people are having trouble accessing the game and I saw a reddit post about turning off/disabling USB debugging on your respective phones! The game crashed for me and I did this and now i am able to play. Not sure if this applies to blackscreen or freezing but you might as well try xD
First of all we need to enable the Developer Options first.
Go to Settings -> then find wherever your About Phone is located (usually in system management) -> find the model number/ software ver and press them a few times, a notification should show you have enabled Developer Options -> go back to System Management and scroll and find the Developer Options -> scroll the menu and see if there's USB Debugging and close it.
I hope this works for you!
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