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Epic Seven | Global


Idk fam, I'm f2p, I have literally 1 ml5* to my name. No avild, no ssb, no Basar, no mchloe, no extinction characters or revive at all and honestly?

I love this game. Its fun! You get Montmorancy for free through connections and her specialty change still makes her one of the best healers in the game. Lena is a nat 3* and is a brilliant farmer. Ains is a nat 3* and is basically mini ken. Kluri is a nat3* and is brilliant. Judith is a cleave enabling icon and oh look she's nat 3*.

You can reroll until you get a 5* you want (from the starting pool ofc) and guess who I chose! Baal and Sezan! I chose a hero that people never use! And I built them, and I still use them today! And they're great.

My guild is in x5 rewards in guild war, and I'm one of the people with the highest win records, my defense team has Khawana AND the aforementioned Baal and Sezan in it, people in x5 rewards still lose to it. You don't need to bow down to any kind of meta and you don't need to yeet your wallet at the game.

It's a grindy game, you have to put work in. You have to get gear, and hell yeah the gear rng is gonna feel like it's kicking you into next week sometimes, but that's part of the game. You're playing a gacha game for Pete's sake of course it's gonna be heavily rng.

The gacha has pity banners, there are no banners exclusively for paid currency.

The dev team respond pretty quickly to issues now too, despite the community being overly hostile towards them.

This game isn't gonna be for everyone, that's fine, but the point is that you've gotta find that out for yourseld, but don't just skip out on giving it a chance because you read a 1* review from some dude who's upset he didn't get 7 different ml5* in the space of 2 months.

World Flipper | Japanese


The people review bombing just don't understand that the 'nerfed' mechanic was op, they just can't nuke the living daylights out of harder content with mono wind anymore.

All they did was balance the game, don't review bomb a good game with fun gameplay and really nice designs because its not letting you exploit a mechanic for easy mode, you can't really be this childish.

Granblue Fantasy


I love this game so much, its helped me make a tonne of friends too, Cygames are incredibly generous also!

The app version has a large download size, you can play without the download at

Be sure to connect your account to one of the options given (mobage recommended) so you don't lose it!

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