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Granblue Fantasy


A really great turn based rpg that can be played on phone. The game itself has a great soundtrack and many more well designed character. it can be grindy but it stills fun. The gacha itself can be seem to be rigged or my luck is VERY Bad. I think thats all i can write probably 8.5/10

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#SuperPower I always have this mutated and combined superpower that imagine on my own fictional character, he can manipulate space and time(will only affect himself thought) he can throw a small dark orb (space power) from his hands that can absord any non living thing (ex : If there's a fireball coming at him he can absord it with his dark orb and use his dark orb to release the fireball back at the enemy). He also can only use time power on himself (ex: he can speed up his punch or leg) and this is his last ablities, he can swap with any living or non living being via his space power or he can simply teleport to them. I only write like 50% of his ablities and skill.  Read Note
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