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There is a VIP system in the game and it goes up to level 20. You need to spend real money to get 3x acceleration.
They made the game just to make money. Everyting is based on pay to win.

You can make a weapon 15 stars, and you can increase the weapon you make 15 stars by an extra +20. Think about how much pay to win there is.
(Each star requires 200 parts for upgrade. It takes 2000 parts to make 15 stars. 4000 parts are required to increase the extra +20. A total of 6000 parts are required to fully upgrade ONE WEAPON)

This game has no balance. The power difference between stages is too much. Even the free garbage weapon received from the event requires very high power. I don't even want to talk about the summon feature that unlocks later in the game. Complete nonsense. Not suitable for free to play players. Extreme grind game. Weapon uncap items from stages are extremely low. There is a feature to add friends in the game and it does not serve any purpose other than sending an invitation to the co-op room.

Play if you enjoy it and don't have a purpose.

Last Cloudia | Japanese


World Flipper | Global


Awesome game, if i can play.

Granblue Fantasy


I've been playing for 7 years. It's the best mobile game I've ever played. But the game is not going well. The primal grid is starting to become very strong and is becoming increasingly pay to win. If it continues like this magna-primal balance will be very disturbed. There was balance before, but not anymore.

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