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Dragalia Lost


Great game, great music and great gameplay!

>Checks Safetynet
>Checks root
>Game closes for unknown reason

Don't waste your time with this if one of those things are a problem for you, let's hope they release it overseas

bad[白眼] the controlles (joystick) are unconfortable, there are no voices from the characters, gameplay is boring and repetitive

Too many tutorials, you can't make a tap without triggering a tutorial
I'm not playing it now because of that, everytime I enter again I remember "I left on a tutorial and now I must read it again and there are more tutorials



I hope they bring back Eva and Madoka someday

Kirara Fantasia


cute BUT terrible anti piracy, the app won't work just for having Magisk installed, and even if you manage to make it launch, it will freeze on the title screen
also VPN, that sucks

The best IM@S for mobile, the graphics are the best, and there is 765pro! the only bad thing are the loading times, especially when starting the app (it takes like 2 minutes to go and play some songs even if you skip the welcome)

Tokimeki Idol


It's really cute, but it's laggy so I have to play in lowres in the lives
also the content is kinda boring, being a Japanese Only game with no connection to other media makes it hard to enjoy

Ok, after getting deeper into the game I must say that this game is great, the songs are catchy and the girls are cute
I wish my luck was better to get some SSR

Great graphics, awesome gameplay and cute girls

Literally KanColle with guns, at least this one is in english and has a lot of cute unique characters (I love UMP9)
the game closes everytime I switch apps, that's my only trouble with this game

a great beat'em up

Triple MonsterS


the girl with white hair is cute but the game is terrible

Excelente juego para los fans de Macross
Los invito a una comunidad hispanohablante que estamos creando sobre el juego

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#RecomiendaUnJuego Uta Macross lo mejor[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
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